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10 Industrial Uses for Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit for Human Consumption

Coca-Cola is a world wide most recognized and valuable brand of all time, also it is the most recognized phrase after the word “hello” in the entire world. Actually in every country, in every place on Earth, it is a lot easier to ask for a Coke than to ask for access to clean water.

Even though that Coke is a company that is portraying itself as an environmentally and socially conscious company, it is also the one that is responsible for a lot of water shortages, as well as for pollution.

The Coke’s acidity triggered many researches, and people to ask themselves about the toxicity of this drink, and how it affects the human health on the long-term. The pH rating of the drink is in fact one number higher than the pH rating of the battery acid.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute sponsored a study in which the experts have concluded that, the ones that are consuming at least one soda on daily basis, have increased their risk of developing a metabolic syndrome by 44%, during the research of 4 years.

In the study, there were 2,400 participants who were white middle age, from Framingham Mass. The researchers focused more on the 1,600 participants that didn’t even show signs or symptoms of any metabolic syndrome before the study. Then the researchers started to track these individuals for about 4 years every day.

The ones that drank at least one soda on daily basis had:

    • 25% increased risk of high blood sugar and high blood triglycerides
    • 30% increased risk of having a larger waistline
    • 31% increased risk of becoming obese
    • 32% increased risk of having decreased levels of good cholesterol
  • Increased risk of having high blood pressure

Also another study has shown that people who consumed one soda on daily basis, had an increased risk of stroke or a heart attack by 48%, compared to the ones that were not consuming every day or not at all.

10 Household Uses for Coke

Although that the drink is bad for our health and body, its extreme acidity is perfect to help you as a house cleaning agent.

To understand things better, on the pH scale from 0 to 7 it is considered to be acidic, and from 7 to 14 it is alkaline. And to even make everything brighter, the water has a pH of 7 on the scale, and the battery acid a rating of 1 on the scale.

According to the tests that were done about the acidity of Coke, some results showed that it has a low pH of 2.5.

This drink has the ability to clean surfaces in your home, just as good as many of the toxic household cleaners.

Below we give you a list of the top 10 uses of Coke as your domestic cleaner, which are another proof that this drink is not good for consumption.

1. Clean your Engine – The distributors are using this simple techniques for many years.

2. Clean burnt Pans – Before you rinse the pan, leave some Coke inside it or soak it in Coke.

3. Clean the Oil Stains from your Garage Floor – You can hose it off, but first let the stain soak for a while.

4. You can also remove blood stains from fabric or cloth.

5. Remove Rust – There are simple methods in which you should use a sponge, a fabric or an aluminum foil that was dipped in Coke before.

6. Remove the stains from the vitreous china.

7. Make Pennies Shiny – By soaking the old pennies in Coke, you will give back their glow as they once had, and you will remove the tarnish from them.

8. Remove strip paint from some metal furniture by soaking a sponge or a towel in Coke and then putting it directly on the surface where the paint is.

9. Clean your Toilet – Pour Coke around the entire bowl, leave it like that for a while and then you can flush. And you have a clean toilet.

10. Return the shine of some Chrome objects, by using an aluminum foil and Coke.

Even though that there are studies that have proven the product is bad, it is bad when consumed, but when it is used as a household product, it has many different and amazing and effective uses.

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Source: www.cleanfoodhouse.com 

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  1. February 5, 2019 @ 10:04 pm krily

    I don’t drink soda, so this isn’t an issue with me. But I just now thought, if the pH is so low as to clean externally so well, why does it not act like vinegar in the body and clean inside when drank?


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