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10 Scientifically Backed Reasons Why You Should Consume Ginger Everyday

Ginger offers innumerate health benefits because it consists of over 115 highly beneficial chemical ingredients. It’s the horizontal ‘creeping root’ of the Zingiber plant and belongs to the family of turmeric and cardamom.

For more than 4500 years, the tonic made from this root was commonly used by the East Indians and the Chinese. Romans, on the other hand, used it as a natural remedy thanks to its potent advantageous properties. Take a look at some of its scientifically-confirmed health benefits:

Improves Heart Health – Ginger’s main active ingredients that treat pain and relax blood vessels, stimulate blood flow as well. Moreover, ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which prevents heart diseases.

Improves Digestion –Ginger is rich in gastroprotective elements that prohibit the loosening of the lower esophageal sphincter. At the same time, it prevents reflux acid from engorging back into the esophagus. In addition, ginger is extremely beneficial when it comes to treating irritable bowel syndrome, because it relaxes the intestines and treats IBS symptoms. It fights bloating, constipation, and gastrointestinal issues.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits – Thanks to the gingerols it contains and its potent anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger eliminates menstrual cramps and pain, prevents inflammation, and soothes arthritis.

Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – According to studies, ginger reduces the loss of brain cells, that in fact is the main trait in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Also, it fights oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, which accelerate the aging process as a result of the phenolic compounds and antioxidants it contains. Ginger extract boosts memory and improves reaction times significantly.

Cleanses The Lymphatic System – Ginger cleanses the circulatory system by preventing toxin and fat build up in the body.

Allergies and asthma – According to the latest findings, researchers claimed that zerumbone, which is an active ingredient in ginger, supports the Th2 allergic response and improves the Th1 response in mice to the white protein (albumin) in eggs.

Helps Reverse Diabetes – Gingerols improve insulin sensitivity and diabetes in a natural way. According to scientists, they suppress the accumulation of sorbitol in blood cells, prevent diabetic complications, and reverses diabetes.

Improves Nutrient Absorption – An average person receives from 10 to 90% of the vitamins and minerals in foods. However, ginger promotes the proper metabolism and digestion of foods and nutrients absorption.

Eliminates Excessive Mucus – Ginger root eliminates mucus from the respiratory tract. Thanks to the oleoresin it contains, it encourages the removal of lung phlegm.

Treats Eczema – Ginger treats eczema due to its high content of the compound 6-Shogaol, that activates the Nrf2 pathway by triggering a cytokine inhibition.

Helps Weight Loss – By stimulating the thermic effect of the foods, ginger promotes the fat burning process. It gives you a feeling of satiety and reduce the calories intake during the day. Moreover, ginger supports the fat-burning process, regulates the glucose levels in the blood, regulates the hormones, and boosts metabolism.

Helps with Vomiting and Nausea – When it comes to vomiting and nausea, ginger is of a great help because it prevents the vagal nerve over-activation. Ginger represents a natural alternative to drugs for prevention of morning sickness in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Protects against nuclear radiation – Ginger provides considerable protection from radiation if consumed daily.

Increases sex drive – This root stimulates the circulation to the sexual organs, and boosts the sex drive, as well.

Fights bad breath – Ginger is a natural fighter against infections in the mouth cavity and bad breath. So, if you eat ginger every day, you will experience major health improvements in a short period of time!


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