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10 Things That Happen When Your Body Is Lacking Water

Chronic lack of hydration is, sadly, more typical than you might suspect, in both, adults and children.

While children trust they remunerate by drinking sugary drinks or fruit juices, which is a lie, over one half of the American adults don’t drink the prescribed measure of water every day.

However, an absence of water in the body is a genuine medical problem which can add to the advancement of different conditions and ailments, such as brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, urinary tract infections and digestive issues.

So of you want to address this health issue, then you need to follow the 10 signs below that your body is telling you, it is missing water:

  1. In a dehydrated body, the brain tissue loses water, which makes the brain pull far away from the skull, and this sends a flag to the pain receptors encompassing the brain, causing an intense headache.
  2. Without enough water in the body, the skin looks dry, split, and red, and can create conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  3. The absence of water in the body can prompt stomach related issues, as toxins  move very slow in the body, causing fatigue, stomach pain and constipation.
  4. Water retentionis another indication of an absence of water in the body since the system begins to hang on liquids so as to have the capacity to keep working appropriately. For this situation, one additionally ends up inclined to elevated cholesterol.
  5. The blood winds up thicker in a dehydrated body, causing high blood pressure, sodium accumulation and slow blood flow.
  6. Very regularly, we mistake the thirst feeling with hunger. Once in a while, the expanded hunger is only a result of the requirement for water.
  7. When the body needs water, it swings to the blood to acquire oxygen, causing  anxiety, confusion, tiredness and fatigue as well.
  8. Pain in the back and the joints, since the body’s ligament contains about 80% water, liquids are essential for the proper lubrication of joints and bones, and water brings down the risk of wounds during unexpected events and strenuous activities.
  9. If the pee is brown or dark colored, or you don’t urinate regularly throughout the day, your body needs more water. Water is required for the elimination of toxins, and when they begin to accumulate, you start to feel exhausted and experience brain fog, as well as many other issues.
  10. The skin in a dehydrated body is prone to acne and clogged pores, and it becomes cracked and dry.

It is of great importance that you understand how important water is for your health in general and that you need to drink it for at least 8 hours every day. Also, you must teach your kids to drink water only, or a cup of tea for example, and to highly avoid sugar-rich and unhealthy drinks.

If you don’t know how to elevate your water intake, then take a look at these simple tips below:

  • Drink purified and tasty water by investing in a water filter.
  • Download an app that tells you how many glasses of water you had throughout th day.
  • Keep a gallon of water next to you, through the whole day.
  • If you are drinking juice, iced tea or some other sugary drinks, make sure you dilute it with some ice and a little bit of water.
  • Drink a glass of water before your meals.
  • Carry a water bottle in every bag you have.
  • Consume herbal teas.
  • When you’re having cocktails, drink a glass of water with every cocktail.
  • Sip while you’re preparing your meals.
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
  • While you make your coffee, drink a glass of water.
  • It vegetables that contain a lot of water.
  • Replace the sodas with mineral or sparkling water.
  • Whenever you take a bathroom break, drink a glass of water.
  • Add some flavors to your water, by seeping veggie slices, herbs and fruits.


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