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10 Unlikely Uses For Vicks VapoRub That Will Solve Your Biggest Problems

Surely you have the minty ointment in your home, but not only you, everybody has it and it is known as Vicks VapoRub. Mostly this minty ointment is used for the prevention of colds, flu and chest congestion but it can be effective and used for many other purposes as well, and you haven’t heard of them for sure. The VapoRub for example can be used for eliminating wrinkles, relieving from ear infections and healing cracked skin.

10 Most Unlikely uses of this minty ointment:

Foot Care

The Vicks VapoRub is a very strong moisturizer which has the ability to heal cracked elbows and heels, and will make them as soft as a baby’s skin. You simply need to rub some of it on your elbows or your heels before you go to bed, and make sure you ear 100% cotton socks. In the morning rinse your feet with warm water, and you should see the improvement even after the first use. This minty ointment can also be used in case of toenail fungus. If you are suffering from this infection, just rub some VapoRub on your toenails until the infection disappears.

Potty Train Your Pets

Use VapoRub if you want to save hundreds of dollars that are needed to potty train your pet. Rub some of this minty ointment on the places where they want to pee mostly, and for sure they will stay away from that place. The VapoRub will also prevent them from scratching the furniture if you have applied it on some places, also you can protect your shoes from being chewed or eaten, so use the minty ointment as your advantage.

Heals Bruises

If you have bruises, rub a little bit of salt and VapoRub directly on the affected area, that will accelerate the healing process and reduce their appearance.

Reduces The Appearance of Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

Tired of having stretch marks and wrinkles? Then the right thing for you is Vicks, you simply need to rub it directly on the areas where they appear. Apply it once on daily basis, and they will fade away after a while. Also applying it on your face will reduce the appearance of the fine lines.

Relieves Earache

If you are suffering from an ear infection, then VapoRub can help you a lot. You only need to add a little bit of the ointment on a cotton ball, and then put the cotton ball in your ear and let it stay for a few hours to act. This minty ointment will surely relieve you fro the pain, and eliminate the infection as well.

Eliminates Acne

Before going to bed at night, apply a little bit of VapoRub directly on your pimples or acne, if you want to eliminate them fast.

Makes You Cry

As funny as it sounds, applying some VapoRub right under your eyes, can make you look like you are crying. The strong mint aroma will make your eyes red and will make you look like you are crying, but be careful not to apply some of it inside your eyes, because it will cause a lot of pain and irritation to your eyes.

Repels Insects

If you are constantly bothered by mosquitoes, flies and many other insects in the summer, then rub some of the minty ointment on your legs and arms and you will keep them at bay, also you will be protected from irritating noises, bites and stings.

Eliminates Fat

Mixing baking soda with some VapoRub, a little bit of alcohol and camphor, will create a strong fat burner, which is eliminating fat accumulations in any part of the body.

Accelerates The Healing of Cuts and Wounds

The camphor and menthol in this minty ointment are accelerating the healing process of smaller wounds and cuts.

Source: healthmeaning.com

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