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10 Week No-Gym Home Easy Workout Plan

This is a mini plan that can be used by both women and men, and it can help them lose some extra weight, burn fat and gain some muscle. And the best thing about this workout plan is that you don’t need to go to the gym and use any special equipment to preform the exercises, you can preform them at home.

During this time you need to find a proper time for exercising every day, and you also must drink a lot of water.

If you want to lose weight you need to exercise from 45 to 60 minutes on daily basis. If you are beginning for the first time to exercise then your workout must last about 50 minutes, and then increase the time of the workout gradually until you reach 200 minutes. Also this mini workout plan must be accompanied by a healthy and well balanced diet, therefore preventing from bloating and staying healthy all the time.

Here you have the 10 week plan that you will follow:


20 squats, 25 seconds wall-sitting, 15 seconds plank position, 5 push-ups, 35 jumping jacks, 25 crunches, 10 butt-kicks, 10 sit-ups, 15 lunges.


10 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 10 squats, 35 sit-ups, 25 lunges, 10 push ups, 30 second plank, 45 seconds wall-sitting, and 20 butt kicks.


10 push ups, 30 crunches, 30 sit ups, 15 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 35 seconds wall-sitting, 25 butt kicks, 45 seconds plank position, and 25 lunges.


15 lunges, 20 crunches, 35 squats, 30 seconds plank position, 60 seconds wall-sitting, 50 sit ups, 35 butt kicks, 20 push ups, 25 jumping jacks.


60 seconds plank position, 40 sit-ups, 25 squats, 60 lunges, 30 crunches, 30 push-ups, 50 butt kicks, 45 seconds wall sitting, and 55 jumping jacks.

Saturday and Sunday will be the days for resting your body.

The Weekly Plank for the Cardio Workout:

  • 30-second sprint, 30-second jog (5x)
  • 35-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  • 45-second sprint, 60-second jog (7x)
  • 50-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)
  • 55-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
  • 60-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  • 65-second sprint, 60-second jog (5x)
  • 70-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  • 75-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
  • 80-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)

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