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102-Year-Old Woman Says Drinking Beer Is the Secret to Long Life

Can you imagine what it’s like to find the secret to a long life, and what’s more interesting is, that the secret is a glass of beer! This worked perfectly for Mildred Bowers, of Mount Pleasant, SC.

Three years ago, a few weeks before her 103 birthday, Mildred which is called “Millie” by her family and friends, while she was celebrating early her birthday in a local restaurant, a reporter from WCSC Live 5 News was interviewing her.

In the meeting, she was gotten some information about her mystery to life span, and she ascribes it to qualities, however guarantees she additionally has another mystery – beer!

Evidently, consistently at four o’clock, she is permitted to have a beer at the helped living facility. The thought came about when she was chatting with nurses, and after they asked the specialist, he approved.

Millie is also healthy and claims that her mind is sharp, something many of the individuals her age don’t have. She looks wonderful and has a soft and clear skin.

Millie was born in a family with eight sisters, and she was the one in particular who did not have kids. She survived the Great Depression and outlived two husbands.

At the restaurant, her friends ordered a beer for her birthday, and she enjoyed it a lot. Her friend Mary Ann Hartman explained that her doctor said it was working perfectly for her.

Also, as an early birthday moment, Millie posed for her first ever phone selfie. She also added that not everyone likes beer, so the secret is to find your favorite drink and find the time to sit down and enjoy it every day!

What Millie said sounds pretty wise. So, cheers to a long life!


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