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12 Foods To Eat If You Need To Poop

Constipation is affecting more than 20% of the world population, and in most of the cases, it is triggered by the decreased movement of foods through our gut, as well as from physical inactivity, old age, and low-fiber diet.

A lot of people are finding a solution to this issue by using fiber supplements, stool softeners and laxatives, but these foods that you are about to read below in the list are a rich source of fiber (both insoluble and soluble fiber), which can improve the consistency and frequency, and soften the stools:

  • Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, just as various minerals and nutrients, so they advance solid discharges and treat blockage.
  • Lentils are brimming with fiber and lift the generation of butyric corrosive, a sort of short-chain unsaturated fat present in the colon, so they improve solid discharges and treat clogging.
  • Kiwi organic product is high in fiber that battles obstruction and accelerates intestinal travel time.
  • Flaxseeds improve normality and quicken the intestinal travel, increment recurrence, and lift stool weight, treating both, obstruction and loose bowels.
  • Figs likewise advance normality, improve the heaviness of the stool, lighten stomach uneasiness, and lessen intestinal travel time.
  • Pears treat blockage, trigger defecation, because of fructose, a sugar type that goes about as a characteristic diuretic.
  • Beans are high in fiber, both, insoluble and solvent fiber, that relaxes stool and treats obstruction, and brings down the danger of gas and swelling.
  • Rhubarb has normal diuretic properties and high measures of fiber that improve consistency.
  • Artichokes contain probiotics, remarkable fiber types, that beneficially affect the stomach related tract and keep up normally and advance gut health.
  • Apples are rich in fiber, so they improve processing, battle stoppage, and improve gut health by expanding the dimensions of sound microscopic organisms in the stomach related tract.
  • Prunes are ground-breaking characteristic intestinal medicines that lighten clogging, mellow stools, and improve consistency.
  • Kefir is rich in probiotics, a sound microorganisms in the gut, and in this manner helps stool consistency, builds stool recurrence, and quickens solid discharges by limiting intestinal travel time.

Additionally, besides consuming these fiber-rich foods on regular basis, follow these simple tips below if you want to relieve from the constipation, naturally:

  • Start exercising on regular basis, to boost your metabolism.
  • Take magnesium citrate supplements, they will help you to treat and prevent from constipation.
  • Take senna, it is a powerful herbal laxative, which can easily treat constipation.
  • Try taking glucomannan supplements, since it treats constipation for many people, or you can start consuming shirataki noodles.
  • Consume foods that are rich in probiotics, ors tart taking some probiotic supplements (high quality).
  • Drink coffee (especially the caffeinated coffee), that way you are stimulating the bowel movements, because you trigger the muscles of your gut.
  • Limit the dairy intake, since these products are causing constipation in certain cases.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day, you can drink sparkling water as well.


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