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12 Incredible Things That Happen When You Put An Ice Cube At This Point Of Your Head!

the hot summer season, the ice cubes are the best thing, because we can make any drink a lot tastier and fresh. Everybody has ice cube trays in their fridge during this period.

But they have some other purposes, besides being added in a glass and cool your drink. The ice cubes are highly beneficial for your overall health and they can help you prevent and treat countless health issues.

Ice cubes have the ability to make you feel more vivid and a lot lighter, also they will restore your energy and positivity!

We will show you a simple method that will help you a lot. The method is highly effective and millions of people are using it all around the world. You only need to get an ice cube and massage certain spots on your body, also the point where your head and neck meet.

This method is called Fenf Fu, by the Chinese acupuncturists, and it has been famous for many years. You will feel a bit cold, and like some parts are freezing, but that is completely normal for this technique.

Once the temperature drops, your muscles will start to contract. Then after you’ve finished with the technique, you will feel warmer, and that warmth will be very comforting.

With this technique you will be able to cause euphoria, and a discharge of endorphin in your body.

Many benefits can be gained with this simple method:

  1. You will sleep longer and improve the quality of your sleep.
  2. Prevent and relieve from colds.
  3. Enhance your digestion.
  4. You will decrease your blood pressure.
  5. With this technique you will treat degenerative spine changes and various neurological disorders.
  6. You won’t be bothered by toothaches, headaches and joint pain.
  7. It will improve your breathing and stimulate your cardiovascular system.
  8. It helps individuals that are dealing with malnutrition and obesity.
  9. It can relieve from asthma symptoms.
  10. Also some disorders that are associated with the thyroid gland, can be treated with this method.
  11. Treat some issues with your impotence and endocrine glands with this treatment, and in case of heavy menstruation this treatment will control the blood flow.
  12. The use of ice cubes will also help you t0 treat and control the psycho-emotional issues, and they will treat stress, depression and insomnia.

With this simple and effective technique, you will be able to prevent from many ailments, and gain a lot of benefits for your overall health at the same time. It will also bring balance back into your body. It may not be able to prevent or cure deadly diseases, but it is surely able to boost every vital function in your body!

Source: thepositivemood.com

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