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12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions

A lot of people around the world are using the wrong cure in order to treat chronic pain. This mainly happens because they haven’t found the real cause and the root of the pain. One of the most common things that trigger the pain and cause it to appear, and people are not even aware of it, is stress!

According to the latest studies, people who are constantly under stress and experience anxiety, and they constrict the muscles, are very likely to experience causes cramps and fatigue. Surely you’ve heard of IBS and headaches caused from stress, but the effects and issues that the stress can cause are further reaching for sure.

Psychology Today’s Dr. Susanne Babel reported: “Many studies have proven that the chronic pain can not only be triggered from physical injuries, but also it can be caused from emotional issues and stress as well. Often we experience physical pain, but that is only a sign our body sends that there is still some emotional work left, that must be done.”

By using this theory you will be able to find out what is the problem with your emotional status by knowing in which area of the body the pain appears. Even though this theory doesn’t have any clear evidence, it is worth giving a shot:

12 Body Parts that are Pained by Stress


Headaches can be caused from worrying about small things and fighting against obstacles. The best thing you can do to treat this type of pain is to take some time on your own and relax, try not to feel guilt or think about your everyday tasks and problems. Everybody deserves a little bit of quiet and peace, with this you will be able to boost your productivity later.


The destructive emotion of your neck is resentment, it doesn’t matter if its a grudge against you or others. Forgiving and letting go can be quite hard, but you can make a huge difference by redirecting your attitude a little bit. It’s okay if you are not always meeting the highest expectations you stood for. Even if you feel like everybody wants to harm you in a way, it is not always like that. Think about what you’ve achieved in the past, your very unique abilities and the things you love most.


You may feel a lot of toll on the shoulders if you are trying to make one choice or a couple of them. Maybe you are simply naturally indecisive, or someone else is pressuring you. However, you should try talking about your dilemma with someone that is very close with you and knows everything about you. Even if they are unable to give you any advice, talking about your concerns can make you find a solution deep down within yourself.

Upper Back

Mostly pain in the upper back appears if we are afraid of love or we feel unappreciated. It is very unpleasant to feel the missing support of your best friends or your own family. The first and maybe best solution to this, is communication. Make sure to meet new people from time to time, and reconnect with your loved ones. Be the kindest person you can, and be very friendly.

Lower Back

Pain in the lower back can appear mostly by money obsession and fearing of losing. Even though that the money are one of the most important things, still they cannot buy happiness, so they can damage somebody’s relationships and health. The key to happiness is not wealth. When you’re doing what you love and fill yourself with joy, the profit will follow you.


It is in our nature to fear from new things and resist some new significant changes. The most common response to these situations is illogical stubbornness, which triggers joint pain. Never forget that life is sometimes a lot less complicated than it really is. Don’t struggle to change things that cannot be changed. Go along with the flow in life and let things happen.


We often feel pain in our hands, and that is a clear sign of feeling lonely. If you notice that you are feeling pain in you hands, you must come out of that lonely zone and catch up with friends, meet new people, visit sport events, or simply be in more crowded places than you usually are.


A lot of people are enjoying the predictable lifestyle, and when new situations come, which are highly unpredictable they start to feel pain in their hips, which is a clear signal that they are afraid of change. Don’t forget that life is just like a river, it changes and it rushes, and that is the most interesting part about it. Consider life a big adventure and enjoy every small moment of it.


Nobody considers themselves a conceited person, but pain in the knees is a clear sign of an inflated ego. Take a look around, the world is not revolving around you, care for others, pay attention on the struggles of your coworker, of your parent, of your best friend. Nobody feels like losing something when giving back, it will only make you feel fulfilled.


There are times in relationships where things get very tense, especially when jealousy and possessiveness are the main feelings. Learn how to trust your friends, then learn how to trust your lover, simply relax and don’t even think about controlling them, instead of doing that, remember why you love them so much and why you became close with them in the first place. But if the situation is from the opposite side, and someone tries to make you lose yourself, then it might be the alarm that tells you to move on without them.


When life gets very busy, and we have a lot of work to do and many daily tasks, we might even forget to properly take care of ourselves. Life in fact can get so busy that you even neglect your needs and stop chasing your dreams. If you are stuck in the same place for too long, than it might be time to break free and try to experience life once more. Going on a book trip, opening yourself to a romance and the main thing is to go to bed early. You are the only person that can make your dreams come true.


We feel like we are unable to move forward from apathy. And when we feel the whole world is against us, and everything is going wrong, and we are only failing, we feel pain in our feet. In order to treat this pain, pay attention to the world around you, see the beauty of it every day. In order to optimize each experience, use all 5 senses you have. Make sure to smile more, and you can even make it your point, because you look a lot better with a smile on!

De-Stress to Heal

Next time when you have a headache, don’t take any pills simply relax and take a few minutes on your own, avoid stress and anxiety. The pain you feel is a clear sign that your emotional status is not clean. By taking a pill for that type of pain, you are killing the messenger that is telling you what the real problem is. Pay attention to what your body tells you, it wants the best for you.

Source: theheartysoul.com

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