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20 Funny Illustrations That Prove The World Has Seriously Changed For The Worse

Despite the fact that we as a whole need to concentrate on positive things throughout everyday life, it is obviously unavoidable to investigate what the world has transformed into and understand that things have gone in a misguided course as of late.

While our compensations have remained the equivalent, our bills, lodging costs, and all costs have soar, kids never again play outside, yet spend their whole days before the PC. Our confidence relies upon the quantity of preferences we get per photograph posted on Facebook or Instagram, connections are never again dependent on adoration yet transient needs, and losing our mobile phone is the most exceedingly bad disaster that one can involvement.

Below we have a compilation of interesting, but sadly realistic pictures which are illustrating the modern world we live in, today:

  1. Occasion Pictures Before and After Smartphones

 Photo Credit: DanielZarz4 

2. Littler Computers, Bigger People

Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Jobs Are Reversing Sooner Than Ever Before

 Photo Credit: cagle.com

4. Checking The Mail Then And Now

 Photo Credit: Poofytoo

5. Being A Teacher in 1960 VS. Being A Teacher Today

 Photo Credit: cagle.com

6. Nobody Knows The Value Of Hard Work Anymore (says each Grandparent)

Photo Credit: dorkly

7. The Evolution of Philosophy

 Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Television’s Are Slimmer But People Are Bigger

Photo Credit: Unknow

9. Toughness Then And Now

Photo Credit: Unknown

10. The most effective method to Waste Time By Decade

Photo Credit: wronghands1.com

11. At that point And Now: George Lucas

Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Changing Life Of Runners

Photo Credit: Right-Brained

13. Confinement Is The New Form Of Human Contact

Photo Credit: endlessorigami.com

14. Messaging Vs. Calling

Photo Credit: Endless Origami

15. Landline Jokes

 Photo Credit: Dave Coverly

16. From Cruel To Barbaric

Photo Credit: Unknown

17. This Is Where Sagging Is Headed…

Photo Credit: imgur.com

18. Water Is The New Gold

Photo Credit: Bishtoons 

19. Who Needs Family When You Have Cell Phones… Right?

Photo Credit: Maria Scrivan

20. Welcome To The Real World

          Photo Credit: collegehumor.com


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