The Noodles That Are Linked To Chronic Inflammation, Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

aWe all know the instant noodles, and the past few years they have been one of the most consumed lunch or dinner meals, especially for people who are always on the run, such as college students. Since it is a very consumed meal, many people think that the noodles are not a very bad or harmful food, not as bad as french fries, or burger or a burrito.

There was an experiment done by Dr. Braden Kuo, who works in the Mssachusetts General hospital, and after knowing about this research and learning about it, your thoughts about the noodles will change.

In the experiment Dr. Kuo used a camera that was small as a pill, and he wanted to see what’s happening in our stomach after we consume the remen noodles, these noodles are one of the most popular types. And the results shocked everybody.

The Remen Noodles Aren’t Breaking Down After a 2 Hour Digestion

In the video you saw the remen noodles inside a human stomach. The camera filmed the noodles are still intact after a 2 hour digestion, and for comparison Dr. Kuo used homemade remen noodles. This fact concerned some things.

It is obvious that the remen noodles are very hard to digest, and it takes a very long time for your digestive system to process them properly. It is interesting how this highly processed food is not breaking down easily as other fast foods, and the most interesting part is what happens with the insulin release and blood sugar levels in the body.



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