Coconut Oil Coffee That Burns Fat, Lowers Inflammation, and Tastes Great

You adore the smell and taste of coffee too? Today we have many different types of coffee, flavors, creams, etc, but 90% of them contain a lot of chemicals, preservatives and chemicals.

The only benefit you can get from these new flavors and creams is the taste, and nothing else. But you are in luck, because you can enjoy the creaminess of the coffee and provide a lot of health benefits which will boost your health at the same time.

The long waited solution is the Coconut Oil

This oil is highly beneficial and can supply your body with many nutrients, therefore boosting your health:

  • It is rich in lauric acid, which means it can treat inflammation and prevent from colds as well.
  • It is made from medium-chain triglycerides which are supplying your body with a lot of energy.
  • Very rich in saturated fat, which boosts the growth and the function of each cell.
  • It is high in fatty acids, which are very helpful if you want to reduce your appetite and help you lose some weight.

Now, here is how you can use this oil and add it in your cup of coffee to provide the benefits of it:

Prepare your coffee, brew it and put it in a blender. Then you can add a couple of tablespoons of the organic, virgin unrefined, coconut oil and blend that mixture. Also you can add a little bit of vanilla extract or cinnamon for taste.

And there you have the most beneficial and homemade “latte”, which is boosting your health!



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