School District Turns Unused Cafeteria Food Into Frozen, Take-Home Meals For Kids

There is a school district in Indiana that is working on a very big project that is going to give the students take-home meals. It is a program designed to give the students enough food throughout the weekend.

Cultivate joined forces with Elkhart Community Schools, Cultivate is a non-profict group, and they took this step in order to give weekend meals for a group of students at Woodland Elementary. The main goal of this district is to feed more kids which are going to the neighboring schools as well.

This program is preparing meals for 20 kids. They will get a backpack with 8 prepared meals inside, each one frozen, and they will get the backpack every Friday. The pilot program is ending when the school year ends. This is food that is left in the cafeteria, because the workers aren’t always serving all the food they’ve prepared. Instead of throwing it in the garbage, the school decided to give it to the kids.

Jim Conklin a spokesperson from Cultivate reported that, prepared food will be combined with other products, he also said that 20 kids are going to get frozen meals for the entire week.

The supervisor of the students services at Elkhart, Natalie Bickel said that this is a perfect way to reduce the waste.

The Elkhart Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy took part in the program launching. Melissa Ramey is a member of this academy, and she said that this pilot program has a big impact on the community. Melissa is very proud, and she is happy for all the children that will have something to eat throughout the weekend.



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