Pig Steals 18 Beers From Campers, Gets Drunk & Starts a Fight With Cow

The best therapy in the world is having the weekend of, and it is a lot better with friends, good food and bonfire. But imagine a wild boar comes op to your campsite running around and drinking all your beer.

This is exactly what happened at a campsite in Port Hedland, Australia. A few campers forgot about their beers, they left them outside and they went to bed. They could not even imagine that it is possible for a wild pig to attack their camp and drink all their beer.

One of the campers, who was sleeping near by heard weird noises in the dark, and he used a torch to see what was happening there.

When he looked closer the pig was finishing the last beer can, and then went for the trash. Then what happened? The pig started a fight with a cow. After that fight, the pig ran to the river and right there it passed out.

Sadly, that was the only fun about this story. Because the pig tried to cross a road and a truck hit it.



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