School Gives Students PE Credits for Helping Elderly and People With Disabilities Do Yard Work

When was the last time you helped someone who didn’t asked for your help? How much time do you spend in the yard? Are you helping your parents around the house?

A school in Iowa introduced a couple of changes regarding students’ physical education credits. The U.S. students earned their physical education credits through the extracurricular activities like marching band and athletics. But, the students at the Alternative Learning Center have to do some yard work in order to get their credits!

Obviously, understudies weren’t too glad about the changes, yet everything changed once they became accustomed to the procedure. Helping other people is such an extraordinary thing, and these understudies are very much aware of that. Meeting and helping new individuals was another experience for everyone, and understudies appreciated it.

The Alternative Learning Center is gone to by secondary school youngsters and seniors with high danger of dropping out of school. It’s a ton not quite the same as customary secondary school setting, and understudies are occupied with exceptional exercises to get their PE credits. This time they helped older and handicapped individuals from the network. Yard work.

Tim Hitzler, which is a teacher in the same school, explains that the students pull weeds, cut grass and almost everything that includes yard work.

Also the professor will be right there beside the students, if they need a helping hand. Hitzler also reported that this type of activity is helping high school students to learn new skills and know life a little more. It is also highly beneficial for the community. Yes, this project is a double win!



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