The Magical Beauty Of Looking Up At Trees In The Middle Of A Forest Capture By Photographer

An Italian photographer named Manuelo Bececco, showed a different perspective of nature. He started off a project that has brought everyone closer to the nature and the beauty of trees.

Color and light can do wonders, and this photographer simply knew how to use these things and create these magical pictures. His photos simply took everybody to a new place. Shadows and lighting are wonderful in these pictures, and nature seems to be the best designer ever. Once more this was proven by this photographer!

This photographer is making travel and wedding photographs, nature was never his thing. But trees are very good to make a masterpiece from. Bececco simply took pictures from different angles, and he caught every texture of the trees. And surely you will never see a better masterpiece of trees!

Bececco likes to see things his way, and he has the ability to transform wood into grand photo. The picture taker preferences seeing trees in his own particular manner. Seasons, changes, weather- everything is part of the procedure. 

He is aware that his work is very different from the rest of the projects. But, everything is based on energy, feelings and mood.

Therefore, nature has its own way of showing us the powers and wonders of the universe. Maybe you’ll think that trees are just wood, but it seems there is something more in them.



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