Jon Stewart And His Wife Opened A 12-Acre Sanctuary For Abused Animals

Everybody loves Jon Stewart, and this very popular comedian has inspired us countless times to take action.

The world was delighted by his campaign to get justice for the servicemen and firefighters who were sick because of 9/11, and now he started rescuing animals, and started to advocate for their rights.

Back in 2015 Jon and his wife Tracey bought a farm near New Jersey, and they’ve announced that their plan will turn into a sanctuary for abused animals, especially those animals who’ve been taken from factory farms!

Jon’s sanctuary at Bufflehead Farm is now a home to a bird, two fish, four dogs, two guinea pigs, three rabbits and two pigs. Also they are planning to open an educational center on the farm as well.

They’re also planning to add many other animals in the farm, including cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys and goats.

Jon’s wife Tracey is vegan, and she wrote a book that is helpful for people to understand animals, and she also inspired Jon with her book.

She even said that their farm is going to be the New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary and that they want to build new advocates, to include new leaders, and new curious learners to the movement.

Aren’t they the most amazing couple?

For all this time, Jon has been the voice for the ones that don’t have one, and now together they are the voice for all the animals that need help out there!



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