Amazon is Selling a Bracelet That Shocks You For Spending Too Much Money or Eating Fast Food

Everybody has some bad habits, and some of them are just worse than the others, and what’s more frustrating, we’re sometimes too weak to give them up!

That’s why the Pavlok bracelet is the perfect thing in this case.

This is a product that is sold on Amazon for about $200, it is a simple shock bracelet. Every time you crave for something, you should turn on the juice.

If you are honest, and you shock yourself every time you spend too much time on the internet, eat unhealthy foods, spend too much money or oversleep, you will associate these cravings with pain, and of course crave less.

This bracelet gives a 350 volt electric shock as a reminder, and you can also download the app for it.

Amazon is explaining that this harmless and safe ‘zap’ of electric energy on your wrist, will teach your brain a very unpleasant feeling when you crave for something.

Various individuals have shared their experience to the bracelet, and guarantee that it has helped them bring an end to propensities from smoking to nail-gnawing.

Its innovator, Maneesh Sethi, clarifies that a smidgen of torment can enable us to bring an end to our negative behavior patterns.

While it isn’t as amazing as a shock from a taser, the bracelet still conveys enough voltage to shock you make you bounce. He says that it feels like if you somehow managed to contact a door handle in the wake of scouring the socks on the rug.

Additionally, some clarify that the shock helped them stay away from unhealthy foods and sugars, and change their association with nourishment, others state that it has supplanted their morning timer in the first part of the day, helped them set aside cash as opposed to purchasing superfluous things, and substantially more.

The efficacy of this bracelet is explained by aversive conditioning, that is a behavior training that is using negative stimuli and association in order to help reaffirm a certain action as undesirable. The inventors of this product compare it to having food poisoning, as soon as you put it on your arm, you will stop eating the food.

Would you give this nifty little gadget a try, to get over some of your bad habits?



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