65 Breathtaking Pictures Of Maine Coons, The Largest Cats In The World

Maine Coon cats are the most beautiful cats and the most loved in the entire world, for their size and looks. The appearance of these cats is something that is between a cat and a lynx, with ear tufts, fluffy paws and enormous personalities.

They’re also known as the ‘Gentle Giant’, and these cats are the largest domestic cat breed in the whole world!

These cats have very gentle personalities, they have countless ‘dog-like’ characteristics, and they are very playful and intelligent.

A photographer named Roberta Sijka, who has specialized in cat photography, has captured the uniqueness and beauty of these cats!

He clarifies that he joins his interests, cats and photography. This was a consequence of a move to China he and his family made 14 years ago. Sooner or later, they began missing the company of animals, and as they fell in love with Maine Coons, his wife Izabella began a breeding project 8 years ago.

As the primary litter of kittens was born, his voyage began. He chose to take pictures that have something extraordinary, and after a couple of thousands of photographs, he wound up with his present style and incredible joy from working with these cute animals.

He got the inspiration from a photo of “Dolce Vita and De La Loo -- two of the most beautiful and majestic black Maine Coons, photographed in a simple black background”.

You can find his prints, blankets, phone cases and more in his online shop, the Felis Gallery.

Take a look at these pictures below in the article, then you can only understand why the appearance of these animals is breath taking:



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