Newborn Baby Greets Dad With a Beaming Smile the Instant She Recognizes His Voice

This bond of a father and his unborn baby claimed the hearts of everybody. Flávio Dantas, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was very excited because he was going to be a father. Each day before his daughter was born, he would speak to her, and he didn’t even had any idea that his efforts will reward him this much.

Tarsila Batista, Flávio’s wife, shared those conversations every morning before she went to work, and Flávio would say ‘I will always be there’ while gently stroking her belly.

And it was amazing when he said those words gently, the baby would start to move and kick a little, like she was hearing him.

When his daughter Antonella was born at Marcílio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, she had a response to her father’s voice, nobody expected!

As the medical team handed baby Antonella to her parents for their first meeting, she was sleeping. Flávio leaned in close to say “hello”, and he repeated the same words he had told his daughter throughout Tarsila’s pregnancy, but this time, Antonella responded. 

She gave him the cutest smile ever!

Flávio was simply overwhelmed, and he said that his love for his daughter was just too big to fit inside his heart or chest.

Antonella had a considerable amount of time to become accustomed to her dad’s voice. Since children can process sounds beginning when four months after origination, by 26 weeks of age, infants will observably respond to clamors from the outside world and are generally alleviated by their parent’s voices.

Flávio also said, it was at that very moment when he was sure that it was pure love.

And Antonella’s beaming smile was not all, she was born on August 11th, 2019 -- that was Father’s Day in Brazil!

This date is going to stay written in Flávio’s heart for the rest of his life.



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