This Squirrel Rescued From Hurricane Isaac Can’t Sleep Without Her Teddy Bear And People Can’t Handle The Cuteness

This is Jill, she is a 7 year old squirrel that was rescued. She was rescued from the hurricane Isaac, that was near the shore in Louisiana, back in 2012.

Jill has her own Instagram account, named This Girl Is A Squirrel, and she has over 630K followers from all over the world. Her profile bio says that she is a parkour expert, a vegetarian and she is only afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

However, she likes all the Starbucks napkins. And, that’s not all, she has her own tiny teddy bear which she loves to hold, when she’s going to sleep.

Also Jill is potty-trained, she loves posing for the camera, and she loves fashion. So, if you want updates on how she’s doing in her life, then follow her on Instagram, and be part of every adventure she has.

Have you met Jill the Squirrel?

The hurricane Isaac was back in 2012, and the squirrel accidentally fell of her nest, therefore her owner took her temporarily. But, she was too cute for her owner to let her go, and she stayed, she seems quite happy in all the photos.

She’s been an Internet sensation, and the cutest celebrity since 2015

She’s loved by her family, and she’s judged by the lavish lifestyle she lives. Her family celebrates her birthday, she also enjoys snacks quite often, and sometimes she’s dressed in the cutest outfits!

And a World -- Renowned Fashionista

Jill loves beaches, and she loves to travel. Her owner says that, she’s been going on vacations with him, ever since he took care of her, when she was less than a year old. She also loves long drives.

Jill Loves Cuddling With her tiny Teddy Bear

When bed time comes, she makes sure that she holds her tiny teddy bear

One of the most favorite activities for Jill is napping

When she’s not napping or playing , she is taking of her blog ‘This Girl Is A Squirrel’

Which is regularly updated

She loves the attention she is getting, and she already has more than 630K followers on the Instagram page

Has she already convinced you to follow her on Instagram?



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