There Is A Festival In Nepal Every Year That Thanks Dogs For Being Our Friends

Dogs aren’t called ‘human’s best friend’ for no reason. These loyal animals have unconditional love for us, they love our presence, they are not very demanding, and they remind us to appreciate and enjoy even the smallest things in life!

If you agree, then we can suggest an event that you would be glad to attend. People in Nepal picked a very special day to thank our furry friends for their loyalty and friendship.

Millions of Hindus celebrate ‘Diwali’, which is a ‘festival of lights’, every year in the fall.

What’s specific to Nepal is this day during the celebration, called Kukur Puja or Kukur Tihar, which is dedicated to the dogs.

The Tihar celebration lasts for 5 days, and the second day is when the worshiping starts for our dogs, by adorning them with flower garlands, offering them delicious foods, and making them with ‘tika’ on their foreheads.

The red powder mark means that the animal is a sacred being, and the pictures of dogs honored in this way are heart-melting.

However, the celebration involves pet dogs only, but stray dogs are also cherished in the same way.

This royal treatment of the dogs is because of the belief that they are the messengers of Yama, the Hindu God of death, and it’s a way to appease the god!

Also, the dogs are mentioned in the Hindu text Mahabharata, in which the king of righteousness, Yudhishthira, didn’t want to enter heaven without his furry best friend.



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