When This Adorable Dog Learns How To Slide In The Park’s Playground, He Doesn’t Want To Stop [Video]

Whenever I think of a dog, the first thing that pops in my mind is playtime!

The best companions are dogs, there’s no doubt about that. These fun and loving pets will gladly spend their lives just being around us and playing with us. However, I have never seen a dog, sliding in the park, have you?

Anabela Cohen from Argentina, took her son to the near park, and they saw something very unusual. A dog was playing along with a few other children at the park.

Well, that’s not the strange thing. What’s strange is that the dog was climbing on the slide and was entertaining herself by sliding down, on her own!

I’ve never seen anything like it ever before. -- Anabela said.

Vas a pasar una tarde a la plaza con tu hijo y de golpe, ves a este groso tirándose feliz por el tobogán. Lo amo

Posted by Anabela Cohen on Sunday, January 12, 2020

It seems like nobody minds that the dog just kept sldin down the slide, without leaving any opportunity for the kids to climb and slide too.

The children were just happy to watch the dog slide. And while my son was playing around, even he topped to watch the show.

She soon found out that the dog’s name was Berta, and after watching her little owner sliding, she used every chance she could get to enjoy the slide by herself.

But, no matter how regularly you see Berta sliding down the slide, is an amazing sight.

I was amazed by her, it was fun to watch. -- Anabela said.

I think Berta’s family is pretty lucky to have a unique dog like her in the house.

Many families have hounds as pets since having a canine assists kids with creating regard for living things, graciousness, and comprehension. Besides, while having a pet, youngsters learn of obligation, and canine friendship can support the social aptitudes of a kid. 

Kids and dogs form a strong bond, and Dr. Gali Melson, Professor Emerita in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University, says:

When a dog comes in a family these days, they are coming in a role that is already set for them as a companion. And they’re thriving in their role

Therefore, instead of being used for games or hunting, they now fetch balls and sticks everywhere with their families. And instead of finding clues from a shepherd, they now listen closely as a kid is telling their secrets.



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