Sometimes Silence Is The Best Answer, Because Not Everyone Deserves Your Reaction

You don’t need to get even with the ones that hurt you. You don’t need to insult the ones who insulted you. Not everybody is worthy of your attention, even if it comes to the negative one.

Sometimes, the best possible way to deal with uncomfortable situations is not reacting at all.

Not reacting to the things that are bothering you, you’re showing a huge level of both maturity and wisdom.

Your energy is too precious to spend it on reacting to all the things that are annoying you. You will exhaust your positivity which is going to stop you from seeing all the goodness and beauty around you.

Not everybody is going to like you, but that is totally fine. People aren’t always going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated, but that doesn’t mean that you should go stoop down on their level.

Just by walking away, you’ll save yourself from a lot of trouble to ‘win’ somebody’s affection, especially if they don’t deserve it.

Not reacting does not mean that you are fine with how things are.

You can remain calm and in total control of the situation and just say ‘NO’ to dramatization since peace is vitally essential to you. 

You needn’t bother with anybody to approve you. You needn’t bother with individuals revealing to you that you aren’t sufficient. You don’t require bogus companions and shallow connections. 

That’s why by not reacting, you’re actually saying everything that needs to be said.

By reacting to the other’s provocations, you are giving them the green light to stomp on over you. In this way, instead of attempting to control others, have a go at controlling yourself, your musings, and your activities. 

Moreover, by picking the aloof way, you are sending an amazing message that you won’t endure rude conduct of any kind.

After all, sometimes it’s better to just restart everything, and just wait for somebody to change or give you closure.



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