Dad Refuses To Accept Daughters Vegan Friend Because of Her Food Choices

Every single person in this world knows someone vegan or vegetarian. This kind of lifestyle is common nowadays and it does not represent a problem and all. Unfortunately, sometimes there are discriminative comments.

Why are there comments? It happens usually because people who are vegans and vegetarians tend to force or explain the lifestyle way too often. Of course, that is not a reason why someone should bully someone else due to their life choices.

It has been estimated that 5 percent of the US people are vegans or vegetarians. According to one study, anti-vegan hatred is growing as years pass as well. How is that possible? Why someone else’s dietary choice makes people angry?

For some reason, the choice that vegans and vegetarians make (to not kill animals) does not go well with other people and is a point for hate. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian. I do not hate the people who are, and I certainly do not insult them or say bad things about them. In fact, I try to consume as little meat as possible.

A wife refuses to cook meat for her husband until he takes the first step towards compassion

This is a story told by one woman on the social media site Reddit. Namely, the woman told the readers that her husband, who comes from the deep south hates people who refuse to consume meat or to be more specific hates people who are vegans or vegetarians.

According to her, the issue starts with the way that her husband was raised. To be more specific, he grew up in a traditional family and had parents that became angry every time they had seen substitutes for meat on television. The woman was sincere and told the readers that she was never concerned about her husband’s issue with meat. It did not bother her a lot until one day.

Her daughter developed allergies and intolerance towards eggs and lactose. This issue forbids her to do a lot of things with her friends and schoolmates. For example, she often can’t attend birthday parties because her friends usually eat what she can’t consume.

Let’s clear something first. Her daughter is neither vegetarian nor vegan. She just can’t process some kind of dairy products that are must-haves for children. By that I mean she can’t consume chicken nuggets, meatballs, McDonald’s burgers, etc. This can be really bad for a child her age and can be quite confusing.

Not that long ago this girl met a boy that lives down her street. They met out of nowhere but became very close in a short matter of time. The reason? The boy and his family were vegans. At his birthday party instead of eating the cake her mother usually brings, she ate a cake! A vegan one. Imagine the joy and the spark in the girl’s eyes. She finally found someone that could feel her pain and share a talk without being considered as weird.

The mother was thrilled that her daughter had finally found someone that she could have playdates with. She also spoke on Reddit about her daughter’s joy and how genuinely happy she was. The girl could finally eat the snacks she wanted because the boy’s family were also vegans and her stomach was no longer upset. 

The only problem? The girl’s father. One day when the mother saw the boy’s father outside the street started getting close to him to ask him how he was and how his child felt regarding her daughter. The boy’s father’s reaction was not good and politely he asked her if she could not reach out to him or his family again. He also said that he did not want to continue to speak with them and that he was going to pray about their daughter. 

The mother was shocked. She did not know what was going on and to be sincere the last sentence that he said upset her a lot. The mother asked him what was wrong and why he is acting like that and she was even more shocked after the man showed her what was happening. Her husband has sent him and his wife insulting messages regarding their vegan lifestyle. He insulted them and bashed the vegan lifestyle. The mother was confused, smiled, and went home to ask around. The father admitted and believe it or not he admitted it proudly. He also added that he did not want his daughter to hand out with that boy because his parents were hippies. 

The wife was angry. She politely requested him to apologize to the family. If he refused, she added that she will stop cooking meat at home. 

Do not do the mistake he did – support your vegan friends

People were not happy about her husband’s choice and they said tons of negative things about him. And they were completely right. One said that if he wants meat that bad, he needs to cook it for himself. Another one said that he is a true embarrassment and that he needs to educate himself as soon as possible.

As I said before there are many things misunderstood when it comes to vegetarianism and veganism. It is more than just a way of life – these people protect the environment that we live in and also stop animal cruelty and abuse. It is activism and protests against all the cruelty that happens in zoos and circuses. 

You need to know that it is okay to eat meat, but it is not okay to insult people that choose not to. I also would suggest you always choose the alternative. If you can buy soup that is not made from animals. If you can buy cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Be mindful and do not choose death and harm.



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