A Third Of People Only Wash Their Bedsheets Once A Year

Can you be honest for a moment? How many times do you wash your bedsheets?

It is not a secret that people have really bad washing habits. That is the main reason why there are too many skin maladies in the UK and all over the world. According to one survey, people usually wash their sheets once or twice annually. Just wow, right?

The number is bad because washing bedding is extremely important. If one person washes the bedding regularly, fungi, bacteria and animal danger that is usually found in the sheets will cease to exist. Let’s not mention the sweat, saliva, and other body production materials that we secret.

Ask yourself, “How often do I wash my bedsheets?”

Not enough, right? As I said before, not only one but multiple surveys tell that people do not wash their bedding enough. Dust mites, bed bugs, and all the other dangerous things live in peoples’ beds. Why do you allow that? 

The top microbiologist from the New York University, Philip Tierno, released a statement in which he explains why washing the bedding is important and how many times the activity should be performed. 

Believe it or not, according to Phillip, people must wash their bedding at least once per week. Skin troubles and different fungi and bacterial infections can be significantly stopped if they simply do that.

Philip also revealed that the bedsheets easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Yes, they won’t kill you, but they will hurt you and develop serious health risks. Doctor Aragona Giuseppe backs his statements and agrees. 

What about the rest of the things people possess?

When it comes to blankets, the study revealed that people wash their blankets once a year as well. On the other hand, people wash their jeans as much as they can while they wash their towels every two days. 

Gloves, scarves, and seasonal clothing are washed after every 6th use according to the study. The study revealed that people wash their underwear after every use. Of course, the numbers divided by genders were different but overall people tend to wash their underwear often. 

Millennials ended up being the cleanest generation of all time. According to the survey, they wash their clothes after every use. The ones that tend not to wash their clothes that often are the people who are aged 65 and above.

We have finally the numbers that we need when it comes to washing

According to the head of production and marketing for Hammonds Furniture, Kristy Oakes says that not washing the clothes can be tempting especially nowadays, but it is wrong, and it is a habit that should be avoided at any cost.

If you are one of those people who prefer not to wash their clothes or beddings the upcoming paragraph is just for you. We have finally revealed the numbers of the recommended frequency of washing different stuff.

Underwear – after each use

Bedsheets – every week

Jeans – after five or ten uses

Coats – once per season

T-shirts – after every second or third use

Gloves – after nine uses

Hats – after every tenth use

Scarves – after every fifth use

Suit – after every third use

Towels – after every second use

Hoodies – after every eighth use

Source: secretlifeofmom.com


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