‘My pregnant wife refuses to do any chores because she says it’ll hurt the baby’

Pregnancy is an extremely important part of life for the expectant mother. The excitement and anxiety are even bigger if the upcoming baby is her firstborn. First-time mothers read books, watch movies and videos that contain information about labor, breastfeeding, and breathing. They want everything to flow smoothly without problems and obstacles.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case because as I said before the anxiety is present regardless of the pre-preparation. Too many moms-to-be are nervous and fear that something will happen to their baby. On the other hand, there is plenty of information on the internet that can ease those fears and lower the stress level. Regardless, not all moms read that information and ease their process. Here is one example. This soon-to-be mom took the upcoming role too seriously and according to the husband, her life choices do not make sense. He told the story on the social media site Reddit.

My pregnant wife refuses to clean the house and do any housework given

It is important to share the pregnancy journey with someone. Often, that someone is the chosen partner. For those wondering, it is important to share the journey because you can split the workload in two and you can make your life way easier by sharing the issues, problems, and bad thoughts inside your head. As I said this is not the case for this poor man. 

The reason why he decided to post his story on social media is simple – common sense and explanation by fellow citizens. He simply wanted to ask people if he is the unreasonable one and if he should ask his wife to do the household chores. 

According to him, he loves his wife and his unborn child. He also revealed that the love that he has for them is out of this world. But he adds that his wife is unreasonable especially because he works full time and at the same time does all the chores at home. 

Pet care, cleaning, and cooking are not his responsibilities as well. Why? Because his wife wants to relax and refuses to do anything else. 

In the past, he asked her nicely, but she refused. He can’t take it anymore because he is burnt out. 

“My wife says to me that doing the housework will stress her out and at the same time hurt the baby. That really scared me and of course, I did not want anything to happen to our unborn child. That is the main reason why I did not push it and forced her to do it. I continued catering to her just as I did for the past 6 months.”

It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and out of nowhere, his wife woke him up. You are probably wondering why, well she wanted snacks from him. It was really early, and he needed a good night’s sleep. He was not able to stand up and bring her whatever she wanted. Politely, he refused and said that he won’t bring her anything. After one hour, she started to cry and scream. She insulted him and called him names. Also, she pointed out to him that he is a terrible husband. But that was not the breaking point. The breaking point for him happened the moment she said that he would be a terrible father in the upcoming future because he is selfish to her.

Because of this, he lost his temper and he screamed out of anger. He pointed out to her that she has spent all her days on the phone, not helping about anything and him helping about everything. He also told her that she needs to open her eyes immediately because he is the one that took all the responsibility – for every chore and every single thing related to them, their home, and their professional life. 

Of course, she did not like this attitude of his and requested him to leave the room immediately. She made him sleep on their sofa that night and what’s worse she contacted her parents about the situation, and they started to insult him as well via text messages.

What do people think about his wife?

Many Reddit members agreed with him and had compassion for his situation. According to them, he is not unreasonable and everything that he requests is fine and normal. 

One user in the comments section points out that there are pregnant women all over the world that even go to work during their pregnancy period. Another user, who is a doctor, told him that his wife should do the chores because according to the husband the pregnancy does not bear high-risk etiquette. 

There was a mother included in the online discussion as well. She says that she has been pregnant four times and that all her pregnancies were high-risk pregnancies. She added that she did not stop her to do chores at home because her doctor never said or forbid anything like that. According to her, the husband is being manipulated and taken advantage of. The mother of four finalized her comment by saying that she was encouraged by multiple doctors to do chores to be active and to lower the stress.

The things people should and shouldn’t do

When it comes to strenuous labor, there are not many things that future mothers can do. Nevertheless, there are still some things to do in the house that are completely safe.

For example:

Cooking – this activity is easy as long as the upcoming mother does not have to stay on her feet for a prolonged time.

Mopping and Sweeping – Both of these tasks are super easy and do not take a lot of energy.

Cleaning – This activity can be done only if dangerous chemicals are excluded.

Washing up – pregnant women can wash the dishes and can-do laundry without a problem.

Lifting – this is an activity that should not be done by pregnant women because it brings stress to the body.

Climbing – the second activity that should be avoided when pregnant because it is dangerous for both the upcoming mother and the baby.

Taking care of pets – the third activity that should be avoided at any cost because the animals’ excrement can be harmful and toxic to pregnant women.

Source: secretlifeofmom.com


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