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25 Quotes That Reveal The Truth About Life with Dogs

Your health is just as important as your life. Make sure that you always consider that which is making you be in the right state both physically and mentally, and which makes you happy. Ph.D, Rebecca A. Johnson, and also director of the Research Center for Human – Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri, for more than a millenia, dogs have formed parcel and part of people’s lives.

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, as they brighten your day and try to make you happy and keep you in a healthy mood. Mental and physical fitness is also maintained. Dogs are good for our health, they decrease the levels of stress.

Dogs should be treated in a way that is making you happy, and human at the same time. One way to avoid any problem, whether it is mental or physical you should be positive of quotes and words that bring you happiness, and make you feel relaxed.

There are a lot of funny quotes about dogs that can make your day, and help you keep up to your standards of fitness in a healthy state. Even on the coldest and darkest days of winter, they will drag you out of your chair, to catch some fresh air. To go for an enjoyable walk.

Below you can read 25 of the best quotes about life with dogs, which will enlighten you more about dogs, and how you relate with them.

25 of The Best Quotes About Dogs

1. Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks it can cure you with their love (Dog Mom Vibes Blog).

The closeness of your pet to you and that stronger bond that exists make your dog wonder and feel uncomfortable when you are in a state of health risk or overwhelmed with stress. The best cure at the moment is the feeling when you touch your dog and to play with it. This makes you stronger and stresses free.

2. Dogs aren’t dangerous if you raise them right (unknown author).

This quote was written for you to be positive and start by having your dog. Most pups copy that they are being taught by their master and adheres to that. Stand out and raise your puppy in the right way from the young age to the old age. Your pooch can only become what you raise it to become.

3. If dogs could talk, I would never try to make human friends again (unknown author).

Human friends can stand out to be your worst enemies. There is little trust in human friends. Canines, in turn, play that role of real friends and can save you in times of need. Though they cannot talk, they can at least hear all that you command them to do and can also be understood due to that stronger bond that exists.

4. I guess dogs are like that, they just know how to fix you without saying a single word (Caroline George).

A pooch can fix you from broken pieces to a whole one again without uttering any word. Dogs can make you feel happy again during your low moments. Dogs have more love for their masters than anyone else and can bring you from sorrowful mood to a relaxed mood.

5. Better than pearls, better than diamonds, better than all the gold in the world, that’s the love of a dog and the joy it brings to you (Laura Jaworski).

It may sound weird that a canine’s love may be far much better than human being love. Many have developed the notion that nothing of importance can be gotten from dogs except the security they offer; but this is not always the case, pups can bring you joy and happiness in your day to day life.

6. A house will never be lonely where a loving dog waits (unknown author).

Joy and laughter should prevail at all times in a house. More joy and happiness is brought by the dogs that you keep as pets. They become friends even to the visitors around, and this makes the house lively.

7. Be compassionate, be resilient, be selfless, be forgiving, be lovely, be loyal, be energetic, be silly…be doglike (Ron Schmidt).

If in any case dogs could talk, then they could have been the special creatures on earth. They have every trait that a sane and sound mind human being should possess. Canines can make you possess traits that at first, you did not have.

8. Dog is God, spelled backward (Duane Chapman).

This is the hilarious quote, and that fits you. A dog is simply a unique creature that God provides to us. You should find one and no regret at the end.

9. Dogs have a boundless enthusiasm, but they don’t have shame. I should get a dog for a life coach (Moby).

While human beings can have shame around, pooches have no sense of shame. They’ve got every freedom to do anything that helps them and to make their masters happy and fit health-wise. They have bountiful love.

10. You need a friend in Washington? Get a dog (former President Harry S. Truman).

Dogs make the best friends you could ever imagine of. Considering its playful nature, dogs can uplift you from depression and stress to lively moments. You should consider having a pooch as a friend and stop being in the state of loneliness.

11. If you don’t have a dog, there’s nothing wrong with you, but there might be something wrong with your life (Roger A. Caras).

It’s not always the case that you are on the wrong side of not having a dog, but the problem comes when your health pattern starts to deteriorate. You will develop hypertension due to increased level of stress and also some complications that develop because of physical unfitness and mentally restless.

12. People were asking me if I was going to have kids, and had puppies instead (Kate Jackson).

Go for puppies, and you will keep to your standards of health and fitness. The conditional love you get from a dog is enough to make you happy daily.

13. The more people I meet, the more I love my dog (unknown author).

Train your dog to become better than you and of good manners, especially when a new face is within the compound.

14. Money can buy you a very nice dog, but only love can make him wag his tail (Kinky Friedman).

This quote was simply directed to you, to help and inform you that love is what is paramount and that money cannot buy it. You should show maximum love to your pet and be happy that it is there for you.

15. By a dog’s kindness, you can tell how a human should be (Don Van Vliet).

If all canines were to be human beings, then most probably all human beings could be kind and loving, and no problems such as selfishness and hatred could be encountered.

16. You know a dog can take you out of any type of bad mood you’re in, and it can do it faster than you think (Jill Abramson).

When you book for a therapy checkup to deal with your stress and blood pressure, therapists will always refer you to daily exercises. Also, though, canines play an important role in reducing ones’ stress and hypertension problem.

17. If you take a dog that’s starving and make him prosperous, he won’t bite you, that’s the main difference between man and dog (Mark Twain).

Unlike, human beings who are never appreciative, pups are always grateful. You should reach out for a dog and have him as a friend.

18. Everything I know, I learned from the dogs (Nora Roberts).

Dogs, of course, can be playful at the same time informative in your daily life. They make learning of new things more obligatory for as long as you have them around.

19. My little dog, a little heartbeat at my feet (Edith Wharton).

Many prefer canines to provide them with security, but you can also get both care and love.

20. A dog cannot think a lot about what he is doing, he does what he feel it’s right (Animal Dreams’ author, Barbara Kingsolver).

A dog as compared to human beings can carry themselves around in a well-mannered way without interfering with anything.

21. If there aren’t any dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they are (Actor Will Rogers).

Sometimes it is not that easy to accept the fact that you part from your dog or go to where there are no canines. Consider the love, joy and playful moments you had with your pet.

22. Dogs have a personality, and personality goes a very long way (Quentin Tarantino, Screenwriter and Director, Pulp Fiction).

Your dog is just as good as you are, you treat him the right way, he will treat you the same in return.

23. Dogs speak, but only to those who know how to listen to them (author Orhan Pamuk).

Life with a dog is a lot more fun, you must listen to what they are trying to tell you.

24. A dog is living for the day, the hour, and even the moment (Robert Falcon Scott).

Dogs are living to the fullest, each moment of their life, filled with happiness.

25. Life is too short to have one dog (unknown author).

Of course your life will be more interesting with a dog, but you can get another one so that they can be friends.

Final Thoughts on How Much Dogs Brighten our Lives

Very few people can admit that they have anxieties and stress, be positive and in total control of your stress. Every problem in your life has a solution, read these quotes sometimes to brighten your day, and get a dog to be your best friend. ‘You’re too young, to die old.’


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