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35 Quotes From The Great Persian Poet Rumi That Will Inspire You To The Core

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Great minds mark their time with wisdom, leaving a heritage that is valued centuries afterwards. Their words, quotes and words commonly repeated to his day, teach us of the world we live in, and constantly remind us to appreciate it.

The wisdom of this Persian poet, Islamic Dervish and a Sufi mystic, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, has enlightened countless generations.

This very provocative poet managed to discover the perfect combination of dance, music, and poetry, and incorporate it in religious practice.

He’s a poet of love and joy, and a compelling figure in all creatures, according to Brad Gooch, who rote the biography of him, and his sayings are resonating to this day, transforming countless lives for the better.

Rumi has based his work upon awakening, hope, and love, and has constantly advised people to open their minds and hearts to recognize the beauty that is hidden in every single one of us.

His work is translated to many languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Russian, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Here are a few of his most powerful, wise, and inspiring quotes:

1. I want to sing like the birds sing, and not to worry about who will hear or what they’ll think.

Follow your heart and don’t mind people’s opinions.

2. Don’t be filled with worrying. Think of who created thought.

Explore beyond this material world.

3. Dance until you shatter yourself.

Express your joys, even if you’re left with nothing.

4. What you seek, is seeking you as well.

When you love something with all the love in your heart, you’ll attract it.

5. Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes around, only in a different form.

Your loss is not permanent, and it’s going to return in a different form.

6. What’s hurting you, blesses you. Darkness in your candle!

Whenever we get hurt, we just become wiser.

7. The lion is the most beautiful looking animal, when it’s looking for food.

You’re at your bet, when you do what you enjoy.

8. Didn’t you know? It’s your light that’s lighting up the worlds.

Your world is what you make of it!

9. To praise the sun is to praise your eyes.

Beauty doesn’t exist on its own, we’re the ones that create it.

10. The only lasting beauty is the beauty of our hearts.

Above all, never forget to keep your heart kind.

11. These torments you feel are errand people. Hear them out. 

Mix-ups instruct us to improve next time. 

12. Your heart is the size of a sea. Go get yourself in its concealed profundities.

Look for the genuine information that exists in yourself. 

13. Close your eyes, experience passionate feelings for, remain there.

Try not to be hesitant to experience passionate feelings for.

14. Love is the extension among you and everything.” 

We are associated with everything through affection. 

15. In the event that the light is in your heart, you will discover your direction home.” 

Let love lead you throughout everyday life. 

16. This is an unobtrusive truth. Whatever you love you are.” 

The things we love characterize us.

17. Recently I was astute, so I needed to change the world. Today I am savvy, so I am evolving myself.

We should be the change we need to find on the planet. 

18. Raise your words, not voice. It is downpour that develops blossoms, not roar.” 

You don’t need to be uproarious, however be astute. 

19. Overlook those that make you dreadful and pitiful, that debase you back towards malady and passing.” 

Maintain a strategic distance from antagonistic individuals, as they will bring their pessimism into your life. 

20. There is a light in your heart, fit to be fueled. 

There is a void in your spirit, fit to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?

We as a whole need love-it is the substance of life. 

21. Words are an appearance. It is the inward bond that attracts one individual to another, not words.

We love individuals for what they are, not for what they state. 

22. Farewells are just for the individuals who love with their eyes. Since for the individuals who love with central core there is nothing of the sort as partition.

Individuals we love consistently stay in our souls. 

23. Your assignment isn’t to look for adoration, yet just to look for and discover all the obstructions inside yourself that you have worked against it.

You have to comprehend love to permit it to control your life. 

24. Quit acting so little. You are the universe in happy movement.

You are significant as you have everything that the universe itself has. 

25. Set your life ablaze. Look for the individuals who fan your flares.

Individuals uncover their actual appearances when things get confounded. 

26. Reason is feeble in the outflow of adoration.

Love is felt by the heart and it is more impressive than the brain. 

27. You need to continue making you extremely upset until it opens.

Heartbreaks should instruct us to open our heart to genuine romance. 

28. You were brought into the world with wings, why want to slither through life?

Make every second count. 

29. Everything that is made delightful and reasonable and flawless is made for the eye of one who sees.

Excellence lies according to the viewer. 

30. I realize you’re worn out yet come, this is the way.

Regardless of how tired you believe, you ought to never surrender and lose trust. 

31. The injury is where the light enters you.

Things that hurt show us significant exercises. 

32. Any place you are, and whatever you do, be enamored.

Love constantly.

33. Why shouldn’t I be happy? Every piece of my being is in full bloom.

Know your worth.

34. Why are you staying in prison, when the door is open?

You are your own limit!

35. As you start to walk the way, the way will show itself to you.

In order to find new ways in life, you must travel.


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