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4 Week ABS Challenge to Lose Belly Pooch

One of the most critical zones is the midsection, or to be more precise the area of our stomach, when it comes to fat accumulation. This is an area of our body where fat gets accumulated pretty easy, but when you start working out it is the most difficult part to burn fat from. But you don’t need to panic, because we have the perfect workout combo for you, along with a very healthy and nutritious diet that will help you burn the fat in this section and help you achieve your dreamed body.

The Abs Challenge

This is a challenge that is made from very simple 6 exercises, that you can preform anywhere and anytime. This challenge is 4 weeks long and the results will surprise you. Just follow these simple rules below:

  • Preform each exercise for a minute. Don’t take any breaks between the exercises, and do at least 3 sets of each exercise, you can make a maximum of 2 minutes pause between each of the sets.
  • Do the workout for 3 days, than rest for a day and then do the exercises again for the next 2 days. Then again make a pause for one day. Follow this routine for a month!
  • Make sure you are starting on Monday, that way Thursday and Sunday will be the days when you can rest a little.
  • Also a cardio workout will be required every day. You can go running, walking or jogging from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Avoid or even better, forget the foods like pasta, bread products that have sugar and fatty products as well.
  • Eat plenty of paltry, fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Also include foods in your diet such as nuts, eggs, fatless meats and dairies.

If you want to achieve your desired goals, then you must stick strictly to this routine for 4 weeks. You will see the results after one month for yourself!

During the first days of the workout routine, it is completely normal and you shouldn’t panic about the burning sensation in your muscles. If this happens, than you can be 100% sure that you are on the right track and you will achieve your goals. One of the most important factors of course, is the motivation to never give up.

Here are the 6 exercises that are part of the Abs Challenge and you should preform:

1. Reverse Crunch

Lay down on your back, flat on the ground. Place your legs perpendicular and your hands on the sides firmly on the ground. Place your legs vertically in the air and keep them straight, and start lifting your hips off the ground, like you are pushing towards  your chest. Once you’ve reached the point where your lower body is straight up in the air, hold the position for a second and then go back with your hips on the ground.

2. Scissors Exercise

This exercise is very simple, and yet so effective, because it is affecting the lower part of our abs. Lay down on the ground, put your arms on the sides and make sure your palms are facing the ground as well. While preforming this exercise make sure not to bend your back too much. Then lift your legs a couple of inches off the floor, and then start the scissor motion and keep it up for a minute.

3. Elbow to Knee Crunch

You must preform this exercise in order to complete the targeting of your abs, because this exercise is affecting your side abs and burns a lot of fat as well.

Lay down on the ground like before, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head. Then place one ankle over the other knee. As you start to crunch, bring your opposite elbow towards the knee. Stay in that position for a second and go back down. Keep up the motion for 30 seconds and then switch sides, and do another 30 seconds on the other side.

4. Diagonal Plank

This is another very intense version of the normal and basic plank exercise. Go down on all fours, just like a plank position, and keep your entire body straight from your toes to your head. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, then start lifting your left hand and right leg and keeping them straight for a couple of seconds, then go back in the starting position and lift the opposite leg and arm in the air. Keep up that motion for a minute.

5. Russian Twist

This exercise is also known to be very intense. Lay down on your back and extend as much as you can by placing your arms above your chest, and hold them together. Balance your body when you raise your legs off the ground with your butt. Then your back must be completely straight and you must bend your knees a little. Rotate your entire body to bring the arms on one side. Then go back in the position you started. Now repeat by rotating on the other side. Do this for a minute.

6. Cross Body Mountain Climber

This exercise might be the most intense one, and it will make you sweat a lot. This exercise should be preformed with high intensity and speed, that way you will be able to elevate your heart rate, therefore burn more calories in your body. Also this exercise should be preformed for one minute. Also you must place your arms completely aligned with your shoulders. Make sure your body is forming a completely flat line from head to toe. Then start bringing your left knee towards your right elbow. Then quickly bring it back, and bring the opposite knee to the opposite elbow.

Source: healthybeautiful.info

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