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7 Soothing Yin Yoga Poses to Calm Anxiety

When you are stressed out a lot, it is time to put the mat on the ground and start performing some really calming yin poses. The Yin yoga type is the one that is triggering the deep tissues of the muscles in our body that are called fascia, where trigger points or knots can be formed when you are stressed.

The deep stretches of the yin poses can be effective and release the tension and pain in the fascia by holing a passive body posture for a certain period of time, allowing the fascia to release and soften.

It is the same as getting a massage, the physical tension is released. The Yin yoga pose have a positive effect on our mental state as well, it helps us feel happier and more relaxed. Yin yoga poses can also be meditative, they can help you become present and calming your nervous system, and they allow anxiety and stress to fade away.

Try these yin yoga poses 1 to 2 times on daily bases in order to soothe chronic stress and relax.

Things to remember:

  • The yin poses can feel a bit intense, since they are working deep into our muscles. This intensity should feel just like getting a deep tissue massage, you just need to breathe through it.
  • Stop the pose if you start feeling sharp pain.
  • To get the maximum benefits, practice the poses in a quiet and calm environment.
  • The first couple of times of the yin poses, you might feel a little bit of antsy. Just focus on surrendering to the very moment.
  • As you become more and more experienced with the poses, practice them by holding them longer.

7 Soothing Yin Yoga Poses to Calm Anxiety

Melting Heart – 2 minutes

Melts away the stress as you open your lats, shoulders and chest in this pose.

  1. Start with your hands and knees in a tabletop position.
  2. Keeping your hips stacked over your knees, slither your hands towards the highest point of your mat and drop your temple down.
  3. Protract the arms out and dissolve your chest towards the ground. Take several profound, stress-discharging breaths. At that point, close your eyes and find a natural breath while you hold for two minutes.

Butterfly – 2 minutes

This exercise opens your hips and releases your back, with folding you will be able to calm your nerves, and this pose will also help you bring serenity and peace.

  1. Sit on your mat and carry the bottoms of your feet to contact, enabling your knees to open like a butterfly. The closer your heels are to your body, the more profound the stretch will feel.
  2. Take a breathe in as you extend your spine, at that point breathe out to walk your hands forward the extent that it feels good.
  3. Loosen up your chin down towards your chest and loosen up your arms and shoulders. Close your eyes and take two or three profound breathes in and breathes out to discharge pressure. At that point, find a normal breath as you hold for two minutes or more.

Sleeping Swan – 2 minutes per side

This pose is relieving the tension from your lower back, quads and hips, bringing your mind and body into a very relaxed and peaceful state.

  1. Begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position.
  2. Get your correct leg and present the shin, situating your knee behind your correct wrist. Flex the toes back.
  3. Fix your deserted leg back you and point the toes. Square your hips off to the highest point of your mat.
  4. Take a breathe in to extend your spine, at that point breathe out to slither the hands towards the highest point of your mat. Lower to your lower arms or right down to your brow.
  5. Find a normal breath and shut your eyes to unwind for two minutes. Switch sides.

Dragonfly – 2 minutes

This hip and hamstrings opener help you release tension from the hip area.

  1. Sit on your mat and straddle your legs out to the sides. The farther they go, the more exceptional the stretch will feel. Flex your toes up toward the sky.
  2. Breathe in to sit up tall and protract your spine, at that point breathe out to creep your hands forward the extent that you can. Overlap with a long spine, achieving your temple forward. You can keep awake on your palms or lower to your lower arms. Loosen up your head and shoulders.
  3. Take a couple of full breaths, at that point find a normal breath as you unwind into the posture for two minutes.

Stirrup – 2 minutes

This pose is relaxing both the body and the mind, while you open your lower back and hips.

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Lift your feet off the ground and embrace your knees up toward your chest. Bring your upper arms within your thighs.
  3. Hold your lower back level on the ground and achieve your hands to the outter edges of your feet. In the event that your lower back begins to lift, grasp your lower legs, calves, or thighs.
  4. Close your eyes and find a normal breath as you hold for 2 minutes.

Cat Tail – 1 to 2 minutes per side

This relaxing twist is going to wring out all of the stress you’ve accumulated.

  1. Lie on your back. Embrace your correct knee into your chest and stretch your left leg down your mat.
  2. Take a breathe in, at that point breathe out and utilize your left hand to cross your correct thigh over your body to come into a curve.
  3. You can generally remain here, yet in the event that you’d like to go further, twist your left leg and catch your left foot with your correct hand for a quad extend. Attempt to keep your correct shoulder near the floor.
  4. Keep your head turning straight upward or look over your correct shoulder.
  5. Close your eyes and hold for one to two minutes. At that point, switch sides.

Savasana – 5 minutes

This pose is also called “corpse pose”, and it is one of the best de-stressor poses.

  1. Lie down on your back with your legs relaxed and your feet open wide. Turn the palms to face upwards and let your toes fall freely as well.
  2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, until you fill your belly. Then exhale loudly through your mouth.
  3. Find a natural breath and surrender yourself completely for 5 minutes or more.


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