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7 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

These days one of the most popular and simple exercises that can be considered a full workout, is the plank exercise. It is a very effective workout to tone your body, strengthen your core and boost your stability and endurance.

But if you want to provide the maximum benefits from it, you need to do it correctly. Go down in a push-up position, but hold your body weight on your elbows, and make sure they are aligned with your shoulders, also you should be on your toes slightly raised from the ground.

Keep your back straight and make sure your body weight is divided on both sides of your legs, elbows and buttock, also keep breathing deeply and hold that position.

The main benefits of preforming the plan exercise on daily basis:

Improved Coordination

With this exercise you will start using your core muscles for stability and coordination.

Improved Balance and Posture

You will tone your belly, back, chest, neck and shoulder muscles with this exercise, and also improve your balance and body posture too.

Improved Flexibility

As we mentioned above about the muscle groups that will become stronger, your collarbone and shoulder blades will be strengthened as well, your flexibility will be improved as well.

Improved Psychological State

You will relieve from stress, relax your muscles, improve your mood and treat depression and anxiety with this simple exercise.

Stronger Core

This exercise will strengthen your core muscles, and your transverse abdominis as well.

Improved Metabolism

You will burn many calories with this exercise, boost your metabolism and support the weight losing process.

Decreased Risk of Back and Spine Injuries

You will decrease the risk of injuries, support your spine and relieve from back pain, and no unnecessary sprains will be caused.

This exercise became very popular because many people were impressed from its effect every day. A lot of them shared their experiences and wrote about their miraculous benefits and transformations from this exercise.

Leah Wynalek is a journalist, who confirmed the effectiveness after finishing the 3 week plank challenge:

“With this exercise i strengthened my abs, but i was looking at the timer and counting every second to zero, because my core simply quaked. I was not aware of the changes, but the last day of the challenge was a lot easier than any other day from the first week.

Even though that there wasn’t any huge visible difference, i felt it. I realized that the tension i had from sitting all day at the desk, was simply gone. And the amount of energy that i had in me, after exercising for some time, simply amazed me.”

So, why not start doing the plank exercise now?

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

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