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8 Foods Can Lower Uric Acid


 The result of decomposition of the purines that is mostly found in beans, sodas, beer and seafood is production of uric acid inside our body.

Our body is able to get rid of the uric acid, but if the uric acid is present in larger amounts it may cause the development of many health diseases and conditions, such as pain in our toes and fingers, and kidney stones.

Actually the increased levels of uric acid in our body may lead to a state of the body that is called hyperuricemia, which is causing the following conditions, metabolic acidosis, skin issues, gout, kidney diseases, leukemia, diabetes, poisoning, toxemia during pregnancy and renal failure.

But there is no need to panic at all, because we have prepared a list of foods and drinks that have the ability to eliminate uric acid from your body or at least decrease its levels:

Broccoli, Cucumbers and Tomatoes: These veggies are able to decrease the production and prevent from the creation of excess uric acid in our blood and uric acid crystals around our joints.

Bananas: The bananas are the perfect fruit to lower the levels of uric acid in the body.

Carrots: You can prevent from this issue by the regular consumption of carrots, as well as enhance your overall health.

Cherries: The cherries are able to reduce the uric acid levels due to the ingredient that they contain, known as anthocyanin. They also prevent from the formation of crystals around our joints.

Water: With the consumption of water you will be able not to only decrease the levels of uric acid, but also eliminate waste material and toxins from your body.

Celery: You can prevent from further complications from the uric acid, as well as decrease its levels.

Apples: You can detox your body with the regular consumption of apples, as well as eliminate excess uric acid from your body.

Onions: If you want to eliminate uric acid from your body and prevent from further complications, simply peel two lemons, boil them and then mix that water with lemon juice. Consume this mixture once a day.

Artichokes: The artichokes are loaded with a lot of proteins, fiber and vitamins, and they have one of the strongest diuretic properties, therefore they are able to decrease the production of uric acid and prevent from its accumulation.

Green Tea: Consuming green tea on regular basis will reduce the risk of gout development as well as control hyperuricemia.

Lime: You can prevent from excess uric acid in your body by consuming lime, because it is rich in citric acid.

Berries: Berries are one of the most potent anti-inflammatory foods, and are also able to prevent from excess uric acid levels.

Squash: It is a rich source of many nutrients and it is able to eliminate uric acid from our body, very easily.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

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