A Farm In Florida Is Growing ‘Long-Neck’ Avocados That Are Up To 3 Feet Long And Cost As Much As $47 Each - Organic Home Remedies

A Farm In Florida Is Growing ‘Long-Neck’ Avocados That Are Up To 3 Feet Long And Cost As Much As $47 Each

There is a farm in Florida called Miami Fruit, and this farm is getting a lot of the public’s attention because it is growing long-neck avocados, and they’ve shown the avocados on their Instagram profile. According to their blogs, this is a type of avocado that is not sold as the regular avocados, and many people haven’t even heard of it or seen it ever before.

Rare Long-Neck Avocados

According to the farm these avocados are a very rare heirloom type of avocados that are growing on the Pura Vida avocado tree. They look very alike the regular avocados that we see in our grocery stores, but their “necks” are a lot longer, which extends their pitted area.

The average length of the long-neck avocados is 18 inches, but some of them can grow up to 3 feet long. Their weight is somewhere between 1 and 3 pounds. The regular California Hass avocados that you see in the grocery stores usually weigh 1/3 of a pound. Which means that the so called long-neck avocados weigh from 3 to 9 times more than the regular Hass avocados!

These monster avocados sound similarly as delicious as the assortments we’re familiar with eating. Edelle Schlegel, one of the prime supporters of Miami Fruit, depicted their taste as “thick, rich, exquisite and marginally sweet” on the Today Show. Concerning surface, Miami Fruit’s site says, “The tissue is delicate yet malleable, high in dampness content with a liquefying quality.”

Fruit Shipped to Your Door

The ranch collects and sells long-neck avocados from mid to pre-fall. You can pre-request them from Miami Fruit’s site with a decision of four diverse box sizes. The littlest contains three to six pounds of avocados and expenses $47. The biggest, at $197, contains 35 to 45 pounds of organic product.

Despite the fact that the biggest box may appear to be pricey, requesting it gives you an a lot less expensive value per pound. For the littlest box, you could pay as much as $15.67 for each pound of avocado. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you end up with 45 pounds of avocados in the biggest box, you would pay just $4.38 per pound.

Miami Fruit, which started as a little fruit stand, invests wholeheartedly in delivery quality organic product over the United States. They state on their site that they adore attempting uncommon a fascinating organic products, just as getting the opportunity to impart them to their clients.

Besides their long-neck avocados, they offer dragonfruit, sugar apples, rambutans, guanabanas, and a lot more interesting types. You can even select into week after week membership boxes of fruit.

Record-Sized Hawaiian Avocados

The long-neck avocados aren’t the main ones that have stood out as truly newsworthy. A Hawaiian rancher named Kenji Fukumitsu was gathering six-pound avocados and liberally offering them to a medical center. One of the specialists there perceived that these avocados were a lot bigger than normal, so she looked into the world record for avocado size.

She found that Fukumitsu’s avocados were bigger than the record-holder, which tipped the scales at five pounds and eight ounces. The majority of Fukumitsu’s avocados originate from a similar tree, and his family has been gathering them for around 80 years.

As much as the record-sized avocados went, Fukumitsu was not overly concerned.
He said that they didn’t think nothing of it, they just gathered it and ate it, or they sold some. Maybe it’s because of the social medias that we hear of these avocados after 80 years.