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A Sister Is More Than Family

If you have an older sister, here are the best 9 reasons why she is the greatest gift your parents have ever given you!

1. They help you build your character

They are the best gift ever, they are sometimes also real jerks to be honest.

There are many character building moments in life with them, but when she turns her back on you just because of her friends or intentionally doesn’t want to find you in a hide and seek game which was forced to play.

You can learn a lot that way.

2. She taught your parents a lot

She simply broke in your parents for you. They made the greatest mistakes on her and now they are more aware of what they’re doing for you. That’s nice, huh?

3. They can have real conversations with you

Sometimes it is really hard to have conversations with your parents and your younger siblings, and not all your friends will be able to understand.

That’s why you have a big sister!

4. She is best to copy

Your older sibling is an extraordinary individual to duplicate. She’s done everything as of now and comprehends what to do in secondary school, in her first occupation, in her first relationship, and so forth. Copy her and you’ll do fine. 

5. You can vent to her

You can’t generally nonsensically vent at your companions; they won’t be your companions for any longer. Your sister will excuse you and cherish you, regardless of whether you unloaded on her for reasons unknown. 

6. She was nice enough to drive you around when you didn’t have your license

Nice, huh?

7. She is your guru

She offers extraordinary guidance since she’s done everything as of now. Besides being in a similar family, you handle things pretty also and she minds what happens to you. 

8. She always has your back

Also, you generally have her back as well. That can be said for pretty much any sibling pair though.

9. She helped you learn all the grown up stuff

The grown up stuff is sometimes tedious. Fortunately, you have a big sister that can really help you go through all of it.


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