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Ants Bring Flower Petals To Cover Dead Bumblebee In What Looks Like ‘Funeral’

This video has been uploaded on Facebook for some whatever reason, but there are countless copies of it, all over the internet. One Facebook user wrote on a post of the video, that he saw that outside of his work in the garden. That there were thousands of ants bringing flower petals around the dead bee.

Bumblebee Funeral

So what’s happening in this video exactly? Are these ants actually coming to a bumblebee funeral or there’s something more sinister? We are a couple of weeks away from Halloween, but could these ants be performing some sort of a spooky and scary ritual? If we are honest, we are probably applying more human attributes than the situation warrants.

Ant Behavior 

It’s an extraordinary video, social scientist Mark Elgar from the University of Melbourne told ScienceAlert. He proceeded to state:

I’ll use it for showing first-year science one year from now to outline the intensity of proposal. The inscription reveals to us that the ants are covering the honey bee in bloom petals – how awesome is that? 

Ant Nest 

Tragically, Elgar rapidly breaks our minds of ants playing out a memorial service. He says that despite the fact that “thinking outside about the container is in every case extremely accommodating, the individual is proposing that the ants are carrying on in a totally extraordinary manner fully expecting something that hasn’t framed piece of their experience.

Basically, people have memorial services. Ants don’t. On the off chance that they don’t have the foggiest idea what a burial service is, how might they plan for one? That is a major request a subterranean insect. Elgar says. As he notes, covering them with the smell of petals, it’s a plausibility, however it would truly need to frame some portion of the ants’ collection. 

Rather, he proposes that the fact of the matter is a lot more exhausting than we trust in. My theory is that the honey bee is sitting over the highest point of the ants’ home passage, and that is the reason there is various petals lounging around the honey bee, incorporating more ants landing with petals, says Elgar. 

Harvester Ants 

David Notton, Senior Curator of Hymenoptera (the request for bugs that incorporates wasps, bees and ants) at the Natural History Museum, London, concurs with Elgar’s recommendation. 

It’s difficult to state as the area and sort of insect isn’t clear, yet most presumably they are gatherer ants (veggie lover) returning petals to their home as nourishment, and a dead honey bee has by one way or another wound up over the home passageway – he told IFLScience. 

In other words the honey bee might be a greater amount of a snag for the ants on the off chance that it is keeping them from bringing nourishment down their tunnel.

Trash Heap for Ants 

Thomas O’Shea-Wheller, a postdoctoral analyst of entomology at Louisiana State University, had two further hypotheses. 

“I think it is one of two things; either a ‘waste hill’ for the ants, whereupon they are stacking different disintegrating things (counting a honey bee and petals). 

Or then again, a nourishment store whereupon they are putting away things that they have searched for – he told IFLScience. 

In any case, the key point is that they appear to regard the honey bee and petals as a similar sort of asset, or waste item, therefore the presence of a ‘honeybee funeral’.

Personally, I am happy to imagine that these ants were sad for the death of their bee-friend. We need to make sure that we help bees in any possible way, because they play one of the most important roles of our ecosystem. A couple of tips for bee support:

  • Become a beekeeper
  • Educate your children about bees, and yourself as well
  • Learn how to revive the bees with sugar-water
  • Avoid every harmful pesticide
  • Plant a bee-friendly garden
  • Support your local beekeepers


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