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Ashton Kutcher Quietly Saved 6,000 Children From Human Trafficking

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most famous actors of Hollywood, and the most favorite among many people, but besides his career we haven’t heard anything about his off-work activities. Throughout his career, Ashton Kutcher gained an army of fans and supporters, and that number is still rising to this day. Wonder why? It is because of his efforts to help more victims of human trafficking.

Ashton Kutcher has been running a non-profit organization, called Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, that is helping victims of human trafficking. It looks like the efforts of this organization has helped the law to identify more than 5,000 child sex trafficking victims. Back in 2017, more than 100 children were rescued from sexual abuse!

The association’s 2017 effect report affirms that Thorn has closed down the plans of 6,608 perpetrators. The Stop Sextortion campaign was extremely effective, and the association had accomplishment in educating more than 3.5 million teenagers.

Recently known as DNA establishment, Thorn was begun in 2009. Kutcher’s ex, Demi Moore, did her best to shrivel the market that exploits children for sex. Kutcher and Moore were very much aware of the way that this issue gained out of power in the previous decade, and social networks added fuel to the flame.

Kutcher discussed his association and their accomplishment in numerous meetings. He clarifies that the principle target is to make technology that battles sexual exploitation of children. Rather than saving one individual, Kutcher inclines toward making a technique that encourages one individual to save many others.

In February 2017, Ashton Kutcher held a speech for 15 minutes about the modern-day slavery to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His goal was to simply compel the Congress to take larger steps and put a big end to the misery that many children and women sadly have to go through, because they are unable to protect themselves.

Kutcher also spoke about the rights that everyone has, adding that those very rights are violated every day. Kutcher did not forget to mention that there were people who criticized his dedication and efforts. But he said it’s okay, maybe one day someone will remember that he saved nearly 6,000 children.


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