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Aspartame Turns into Formaldehyde and Methanol in the Body

Have you ever heard that Aspartame is turning into methanol and formaldehyde when it goes in our body? According to studies, it is braking down into methanol(10%), aspartic acid(40%), and phenylalanine(5o%) during the metabolism processes. Too much phenylalanine is blocking the amino acids that should be going in our brain, therefore causing decreased levels of serotonin and dopamine.

There is another study in which it was reported that, the widely used artificial sweetener “aspartame” is the main cause for adolescent and pediatric migraines. Once it comes inside our body it is oxidized, before it gets converted and broken down into formaldehyde into different body tissues.

There are 5 academic papers in the video below in this article, in which it is shown what exactly this artificial sweetener is doing to our body, there is also a study that plays honestly fails and devil’s advocate.

Just like the menthol has the ability to cause blindness, the aspartame can cause different types of cancer and many other illnesses. Once the aspartame breaks down inside our body, the aspartic acid is acting like excitotoxin.


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