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At 10 Years Old, Boy Who Spent Two Years Growing His Hair, Donates It To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

At times it’s good to remember certain acts of kindness, and this is one of those occasions. In 2014, when Thomas Moore was almost 8 years old, his mother showed to him a video of then, five year old Kyssi Andrews, a young girl who had cancer and who’d lost her hair because of the side-effects of chemotherapy. The little girl Kyssi sadly passed away, however Thomas had felt extremely sad for her and child who ever dealt with this type of condition. He was then hit with a thought, and like the superhero he thought he was, he took matters in his own hands and acted on his idea without a doubt. His story circled around the world shortly after his auntie tweeted about it, and that tweet had 57,000 retweets in a few hours. Everybody who read about it was really shocked by the sweetest act of kindness, which came from such a young boy.

Two Years Avoiding the Barber Chair

At the point when Angela Pulos, Tom’s mother watched Kyssi’s video, he came up behind her to have a look at it. He was only seven years old at the time and he wasn’t truly aware of what the story was about. His mom at that point set aside the effort to explain the little boy what cancer basically is, and how chemotherapy made the little girl lose her hair. She explained to him that through the chemotherapy, the cancer cells which were growing rapidly were attacked, but through the same treatment, healthy cells were affected by it as well. As well as the cells that were supporting the hair growth all over our body, were also affected. And she finally told him, that is the reason why people who are going through chemotherapy are experiencing such pain, and lose their hair very fast.

Thomas was thinking for a little while, and he figured that the poor girl, must’ve felt very sad, to lose her hair at such a young age, so he felt like he needed to do something about it.

That is the point at which he chose – he wasn’t going to get a haircut, until his hair grew long enough to make two wigs out of it. At first he didn’t really know how long he was going to be on this journey. His only goal was to grow his hair in order to suit the little girl’s taste.

In a meeting and interview with Buzzfeed, Tom’s auntie, Amber Ray, portrayed that he was so committed to accomplishing goal.

Amber Ray, reported:

“At first it was fine, when he had shorter hair. As the afro hairstyle grew longer and longer, we needed to tame it in order to keep it to look nice.”

She told that growing his hair for a long time wasn’t so simple for Thomas all the time. He has a delicate scalp, and getting his hair braided put him through a lot of pain. Sometimes he would get tired of it, and he wanted to quit, but his family members were there to support him, and tell him that he’s almost there. “We needed to reset our focus in order to remember why we started to grow it,” Amber reported.

Three Wigs for Three Cancer Survivors

After two years, on a Saturday morning, 10-year-old Thomas went to get his wigs cut in the nearest wig salon. When the wigs were cut off, they measured a 17 inches of healthy hair. He had grown his hair so long, that the hair stylist made not two, but three wigs out of it.

In an interview with NBC4 in 2016, Thomas’s mother reported that she was blown away by her son’s selflessness and kindness which were unrestrained!

His mother Angie Pulos, reported for the NBC:

“I think that it is amazing that my son managed to do something very selfless like this, in order to show his support and help for someone else.”

Thomas was well known at his school during those two long years. He had the longest and fullest hair of all. Normally, he was a little nervous about going to class the following week with a new hair style and short hair, however to him, it was all worth it, despite all the trouble. Thomas is 12 years old now, and we are in great hope of that he’s thinking about doing it once more.

Children should be though the excellencies of charity and kindness when they are young. It must be a duty of each adult to teach a child on the love and joy shared when they do something kind and nice for somebody else. Thomas wasn’t expecting anything to be given to him in return, but did it anyway. All he needed was to put a little smile on a young girl’s face. His act of kindness which was so selfless, melted millions of harts all across the globe, so let us not forget what he did.


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