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Bears Kept Stealing Honey From Man’s Farm, So He Turned Them Into Bona Fide Honey Tasters

It can be quite a challenge to have a bee farm, especially if you have some unexpected visitors with large claws regularly. Bears love honey, and they sometimes cause problems when they are raiding beehives.

But, beekeeper Ibrahim Sedef discovered a new and very creative way to keep them away, and also to make them his honey tasters.

Mr. Sedef is from Trazbon, Turkey and he works as an agricultural engineer in the beekeeping industry. He’s been struggling with these local bears for quite a long time, and they always returned to eat his delicious honey.

For about 3 years, he says that he lost more than $10,000 worth of honey.

He lately put some metal cages around the hives, but it was not long when the bears learned how to open them.

He at that point began leaving them nourishment to bait them away from the hives, for example, natural products, bread, and even open honey. However, the bears constantly figured out how to get the paws on the honey. 

Now, Sedef set aside the effort to instruct himself on the practices of these creatures. He put photograph trap cameras on his property and began following the bears meandering his honey bee ranch around evening time. 

After some time, he saw that they were specific about which foods they took. At that point, Sedef began working out an arrangement to make the bears work for him. 

He set up an outdoor table, and four various types of honey for the bears to trial! 

Sedef additionally put a mark on each sort of honey, and the dishes included cherry jam, bloom, chestnut, and Anzer honey. 

Evidently, the bears have very costly taste with regards to honey, and they generally picked the priciest honey of the pack. 

They were particularly pulled in to the smell of the Anzer honey, and they generally tasted it first. On occasion, they didn’t attempt the cherry bloom honey. 

Anzer honey is created from the honey of 90 blossoms that become distinctly in the mountains of the Anzer level. 

Two pounds of the mouth-watering Anzer honey costs more than $300. It is viewed as the best honey on the planet in Turkey, and it is popular in Turkey. 

This polyfloral honey is on the Anzer Plateau, Turkey. Anzer signifies “Rich zone, place with brimming with glade” in Mingrelian language. 

The Anzer Plateau, otherwise known as Ballıköy Plateau, is found 35 km south-west of the Ikizdere area of Rize, one of the significant urban communities operating at a profit Sea locale of Turkey. Its elevation shifts between 2100-3000 meters from the ocean level which is ideal for making the scrumptious honey. 

The climate is stormy consistently, the temperature is normally low and there are not many radiant days. However, the verdure found in the level is the thing that gives this honey. There are around 500 sorts of regular blooms and around 80 types of endemic kinds of blossoms.

It is believed that it’s helpful in the treatment of different diseases, especially for respiratory diseases. Also, it is protecting the liver and it can treat tonsil infections!


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