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Blind Elephant Starts To Dance Once She Hears The Pianist Playing To Comfort Her

It’s simply not real how similar humans and animals can be. We’re not talking about physical appearance, but in their character. Animals are constantly surprising us and inspiring us with their mental capacity for the things that we find very human. 

You know, things such as empathy, emotion, the capacity for creativity and many more. What’s even more surprising to see is that animals are understanding some of our culture and art.

Believe it or not, but this cute blind elephant loves to dance to classic music

Take it for an example: Paul Barton is a British musician, and he took a piano in the middle of an elephant sanctuary, and he started playing classic music to Lam Duan, which is a blind elephant.

The response of this female elephant? A very humane one. She started moving her trunk, swaying from one side to the other, and she even started stepping on the ground, like she was dancing to the music!

In his video, Barton clarifies that the delicate old female elephant named Lam Duan has been visually impaired for the vast majority of her life. The 62-year-old elephant goes through her days in ElephantsWorld which is a creature assurance association situated in Wang Dong, Thailand. He at that point continues to play her some mitigating old style music by Frédéric Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, and Erik Satie. 

This musician dragged his piano into an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, so he could play for the retired elephants

What adds much more appeal to this story is the possibility of this kind-hearted musician offering his ability and time to somebody who is visually impaired and can’t appreciate the magnificence of sight yet can, in any case, appreciate all that is aural. It resembles perusing to the visually impaired aside from with music. 

Barton got the plan to do this one day on the River Kwai connect while taping a video for his channel. There, he got some answers concerning this elephant asylum that deals with old, harmed, crippled logging, and road elephants. Since he cherished elephants, he went down there and inquired as to whether he could acquire and play the piano to the elephants. They had no issue with that. 

Lam Duan isn’t the only elephant that is enjoying the soothing sounds of Schubert, Chopin, and Bach

In all honesty, Lam Duan wasn’t the main elephant to appreciate this blessing. There was an entire slew of elephants coming in and tuning in to Barton’s presentation. Some even sang! All things considered, sang as well as could be expected. There is even a video of him playing the Saiyok, a conventional Thai woodwind, for an elephant named Plara. 

Here’s the full video of Lam Duan swaying from side to side to the sound of Classic Music

In a meeting with Coconuts Bangkok, Barton clarified that practically all elephants respond to music. They out of nowhere begin to move when the music begins to play. Some come nearer to the piano and start stroking it with their trunks, while others hold their trunks in their mouths and tune in. However others, similar to Lam Duan, influence from side to side. All become inquisitive when the sound of the piano arrives at their ears.

The elephants are enjoying Barton’s performances very much, and some even attempt to sing along with the music

Barton is known to play the Saiyok, which is a traditional Thai flute, to the elephants

Paul Barton has a YouTube channel, where he’s posting music on regular basis, including all the times that he has played for the elephants, so that the beauty doesn’t have to stop.

Here’s how the internet is reacting to Barton and his performances for the elephants


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