This is How a 1/4 Teaspoon of Himalayan Salt Fights Muscle Pain, Toxins and Belly Fat

Maybe you’ve heard about how beneficial the Himalayan salt for you actually is, but it turns out that this ancient salt is far more powerful and more than we can even imagine!

This salt is only mined in the Himalayan mountains in India, China, Myanmar and Nepal. The salt beds in the Himalayan mountains were covered with lava about 2 million years ago, therefore the salt remained clean and fresh and also away from irritants all these years.

This salt is one of the purest forms of the sea salt, and it has one of the most powerful medicinal properties, because it contains countless beneficial minerals inside it. These minerals that are contained in the salt are working with the sodium and therefore they are able to fight against many ailments and health issues.

Below you can find out about the most important things about this salt:

The pink Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals inside, such as fluoride, borate, sulfate, bicarbonate, potassium, bromide, strontium, and magnesium.

Therefore the Himalayan salt is able to easily regulate the electrolytes in our body, accelerate our metabolism, balance our pH levels and fluids, hydrate our body, strengthen our bones, boost the libido, prevent from muscle cramps, boost blood circulation, decelerates aging, and cleanses our body from heavy metals, toxins and chemicals.

This salt is coming from the salty water body, but this form is the purest one. Also it contains natural iodine, even though that the sea salt contains the same components too, this salt has a crystal structure, which makes it very low in sodium, compared to the sea salt.

If we compare it to the table salt, which is processed a lot and from that process it is stripped from all beneficial minerals, and is chemically bleached, its structure is also destroyed from the exposure to the high temperatures. This salt cannot dissolve in our body, just like it won’t dissolve in the foods, and the iodine that is contained in this salt is added artificially.

You can add the pink Himalayan salt to your meals as well, to your meat dishes, to your fish, or to your delicious fresh green salad. But this is not its only use, you can also use it for:

Purifying the Air

The Himalayan crystal rock lamps are very popular and also very beneficial. They are very good to cleanse the air in your home from toxins, therefore preventing from many respiratory health issues.


Adding a little bit of pink Himalayan salt into your warm bath and soaking inside, will detoxify your body, optimize your levels of minerals in your body, as well as soothe any pain.


Also placing a small decorative container with pink Himalayan salt in your living room, will look very decorative and will cleanse the air as well.

Also we highly recommend this beneficial recipe for pork brine and poultry with some pink Himalayan salt:


  • A gallon of water
  • 1 tablespoon of grated lemon zest
  • 3 ounces of sugar
  • 3 ounces of Himalayan salt


Put the water in a pot, put it on heat and when it starts to boil add all of the ingredients inside to dissolve. Then when the ingredients are completely dissolved, leave the mixture to cool down for six hours. Then you can soak the port in the brine or the poultry to sit from 6 to 8 hours, then put it in the fridge to chill a little bit, for a couple of hours, after that you may roast it.


Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Pills If You Have One Of These 13 Problems

One of the most popular morning rituals, that millions of people are preforming all across the globe is the consumption of lemon water. It is the most effective, and easiest way to supply your body with essential vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, also with flavonoids and essential oils.

Also the lemon water is promoting weight loss, so if you want to lose some weight it would be wise to start consuming it. It is also able to support our digestive system and improve our immune system. It is preventing from food cravings, therefore it reduces the binge eating.

The lemon water is very beneficial, and we prepared a list of the main benefits that it can provide for you!

1. Suppress Appetite & Weight Loss

Many researches have proven that consuming lemon water in the morning will keep your wight in check all the time. Also a German study has shown that consuming a lot of water will increase your metabolism by 30%, both for men and women. But besides drinking the lemon water you should be following a healthy lifestyle of course.

In the lemon there are contained huge amounts of pectin, therefore it is clear why it prevents from food cravings. Also your blood sugar will be regulated by the vitamins that are contained in the lemon. We mentioned that the lemon water is supporting our digestion, this is because the lemon is able to increase the bile production in our stomach, which is breaking down foods that we consume much easier.

2. Immunity Booster

Since the lemons are the richest source of vitamin C (from 30 to 50 mg in a single lemon), the consumption of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach will improve the body’s ability to absorb these vitamins and minerals that are contained in the lemon.

The amounts of vitamin C are also reducing stress and are very good for the adrenals, it is also boosting our immune system. The lemon water has the ability to support our lymphatic system, therefore it is eliminating pathogens, and helping our immune system.

3. Kidney Stones

Since there are big amounts of potassium in the lemon, it is able to prevent from the oxalate formation, by increasing the levels of citrate in our urine. Also, because of the richness in vitamin C, the kidney stones that are developed in our kidneys can be inhibited by this vitamin.

4. Helps Heal Acne

The acidic nature of the body can be neutralized with the consumption of lemon water in the morning, therefore it can prevent and treat acne breakouts. Also if you want to quickly treat acne, squeeze the juice of a lemon, and rub it directly on the affected areas.

5. Flu & Cold

Since the lemon contains one of the most powerful antioxidant properties, it can easily treat colds and flu. It can quickly get rid of the flu or the cold and its symptoms, and will boost the healing process too!

6. Gallbladder Ache

Drink a glass of lemon water with every meal if you want to treat a gallbladder ache.

7. Strengthens The Fingernails

You can make your nails less brittle, with the use of lemon water, and that is not all, it will also make them stronger. The lemon water will also get rid of the stains and white spots that appear on them.

8. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

The GERD, is also called or known as heartburn or acid reflux and can easily be treated with the lemon water. Instead of taking medications and going to the doctor, try to use lemon water for 14 days, and you will see the improvement for yourself!

9. Reduce Inflammation

Consuming lemon water on regular basis will support your body to fight against internal and external inflammation, and decreases the risk of getting an inflammation in the future as well. The lemons are able to easily lower the uric acid, the avidity of the body and maintain a proper function of our entire organism.

10. Fibromyalgia

One of the most common health issues or problems is the fibromyalgia, and a huge number of people are affected by it. This issue is followed by the appearance of tender spots all over the body which can be quite painful, and pain in the muscles. You can easily treat fibromyalgia with the use of lemon water, and soothe the pain as well. If you combine the consumption of lemon water with some stretches and yoga exercises on regular basis, you will quickly relieve from the issue.

11. Food -- Borne Diseases

We can’t always control the quality of the food we eat, especially if we are traveling. Therefore, it is very likely that we experience a food poisoning. So the consumption of lemon water while you are traveling, will be a great way to prevent from food poisoning.

12. Joint Pain and Swelling

You can treat pain and swelling of the joints by consuming lemon water. The accumulation of uric acid in our joints can be broken down only by the lemon water, therefore preventing from inflammation.

13. Sore Muscles after a Workout

After a hard and intense workout, there is an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and this acid is making them sore. The lemon water can easily treat this pain, so it would be wise to consume it after every workout to avoid this pain.


If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

The almonds are one of the healthiest foods that you can purchase on the market, they are able to provide countless health benefits. Also they are very high in antioxidants, flavonoids, beneficial phenols, protein and healthy fats. But if you are not a big fan of them, you can try the almond milk. Many people are using it because they think the same benefits can be provided as if they consumed almonds.

You can provide many health benefits for your body by adding the almonds in your everyday diet, and you will also be very energized. And the almond milk isn’t that healthy as everybody knows.

The almond milk that you can purchase on the market, has sweeteners, more water and a lot of additives. And with all of these ingredients inside, there is only a handful of almonds inside.

The Alpro almond milk brand which is in the UK, only has 2% almonds inside according to the researches, the rest of the milk is water, sweeteners, and added carrageenan, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E.

And to provide the benefits that should be provided, you need to drink the whole bottle. Knowing this, the milk is very low in calories, because in one cup there are about 30 calories, and a handful of almonds has about 160 calories. And this milk costs about $4 per 1/2 gallon.

These facts are not reveled to the public, because milk industry’s profits of course. The milk that we can buy contains a thickener that we mentioned above, the carrageenan which is able to easily trigger an inflammation of our digestive tract!

Many experts and researchers have recommended that we should avoid the almond milk, because it is nothing more than a mixture of sweeteners, additives, a few almonds and water. If you want almond milk, prepare it yourself, you only need the almonds. Also you will put as much almonds as you like. You will avoid the additives and the sweeteners from the commercial almond milk brands.

It is very easy to make almond milk at home, you just need organic and raw almonds, put them to stay soaked in water throughout the night, and then you need to put them in your blender with 3 cups of water in the morning. Use cheesecloth to strain the mixture, you can sweeten it or add some flavors, for example you may add vanilla extract or a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then store it in a glass jar, and put it in your refrigerator. Keep the milk maximum for 3 days.

And there you have the homemade almond milk, that tastes better and is far more beneficial!


Coconut Oil and Lemon Mixture: It Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color

The first sign of age is most commonly the grey hair, and this is the nightmare of many women all around the world. And women are willing to do everything only to get their color back and cover the gray hair. Mostly they use products that can easily dye hairs any color they want. But the effects of these hair products are temporary, and there are many side-effects that can be provided from their use.

Before you continue to read, you should be aware that the grey hair may appear due to various factors and health conditions, as well as from poor diet. For example, grey hair may appear from stress, pollution, smoking, chronic colds, thyroid disorders, sinusitis, unsuitable hair products, and hormonal fluctuations. Also we shouldn’t forget that it may also appear due to the lack of melanin.

Who not try some natural and effective alternatives, instead of these commercial hair products that are filled with chemicals that can cause a lot of side-effects and damage. The first thing you need to do is balance your diet, and make sure it is full of nutrients. Or you can try to focus on a single remedy that has one of the most powerful ingredients contained in it, and it is made from 2 ingredients only.

The Lemon & Coconut Oil Combo


  • Freshly squeezed organic lemon juice (3 teaspoons)
  • Organic coconut oil (the length of your hair matters for the amount of oil you should add)


Put the two ingredients in a smaller bowl and mix them until you get a homogeneous paste. Then you should apply it directly on your hair and your scalp, and gently massage your hair. Then you can let the mixture to act for 1 hour. After that you can use warm water and a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Do this technique once on weekly basis.

Why is this natural remedy that beneficial?

The ingredients that this natural remedy is made of, are one of the most beneficial and versatile gifts that nature has ever given to us. The oil is filled with medium-chain fat acids, lauric acid, and anti-microbial properties, therefore it is clear why it can easily improve the condition of your hair. Also the coconut oil is able to strengthen it, support and boost its growth, reverse the gray hair and treat it from any type of damage. Most commonly this oil is used to prevent from dandruff or fight against it, and it will leave your hair very soft and smooth.

The other ingredient, the lemon juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, vitamin B and phosphorus content, so it can reverse or prevent the premature graying of the hair. But that is not it, because it will nourish the hair and will also treat the cause of the gray hair!


Here’s How To Detox Your Entire Body To Never Get Sick Or Tired Again

These days, humans are the ones that are responsible for the toxins, chemicals and stress that everybody experiences. To make sure that we maintain our well-being and overall health, it is pretty important that we detox our body from time to time. And there are some good news about that, there are thousands of natural ways to detox our body, and they are pretty relaxing, and don’t cost a lot.

The blue-green algae, known as the spirulina is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Taking a bath with some spirulina inside will not only nourish your skin, but it will also revitalize your skin. The spirulina is known for its ability to remove the toxins from our cells and replace them with some goodies from it. Therefore it is also able to relieve from fatigue and muscle aches, so you can relieve from flu if you feel that you are going down with the use of spirulina.

The spirulina has a very strong mineral base, like the Epsom salts, so when you add it to your bath it forms a process that is known as reverse osmosis. This is a process in which the toxins that are harmful for our body are eliminated from our body, and sulfates and magnesium are entering our body.

Add these ingredients into your bath:

  • 1/2 cup of seasalt
  • 1/2 cup of spirulina, but first you need to mix it in a cup of water
  • 5 drop of an essential oil, for example grapefruit, bergamot and lime

Top 10 Reasons to Start Using Spirulina:

  1. The spirulina is able to detox our body, and it is commonly alternated with the chlorella.
  2. It is a rich source of chlorophyll, which is a powerful detoxification ingredient, it is able to eliminate pollutants and heavy metals from your bloodstream.
  3. It is also famous for its ability to alkalize your body, therefore boosting the function of your liver, which is highly important during the detox method.
  4. There are 8 milligrams of calcium contained in a tablespoon of dry spirulina, which contains more than the raw  spirulina.
  5. It is also very rich in minerals and vitamins, such as selenium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and vitamin E.
  6. It contains huge amounts of B-vitamins, including vitamin B9, B6, B3, B2 and B1 vitamin.
  7. It contains powerful antioxidant properties, it has one of the most powerful antioxidants in it, the beta carotene and phycocyanin, therefore preventing from any cell damage.
  8. Also it is very high in proteins. Actually the spirulina is made up of 62% of amino acids, so it has 4 g in a single tablespoon.
  9. Since it is very high in bioavailable iron, it is perfect for pregnant women and the ones that want to treat anemia.
  10. Also there is a very beneficial fat acid contained in the spirulina, the gamma linoleic acid. This acid is also only contained in the breastmilk, it has very strong anti-inflammatory properties.


12 All Natural Toothache Remedies Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Centuries ago when there was no toothpaste, people still needed to maintain their dental health, so they were using thousands of natural remedies and techniques to prevent from toothaches and improve their dental health.

Besides that they believed that this type of pain was caused from cavities, today we know that the toothaches may be triggered from many different factors, for example fractured teeth, gum diseases, tooth eruption, abscesses, tooth decay, damaged fillings, tooth eruption, abnormal bite and bruxism (teeth grinds).

Most commonly a toothache is followed by swelling in the painful area and fever or headache as well.

Before you try anything, and before you go to the dentist, take a look at theese natural ways that may soothe a toothache, and give them a try if you want to:

Cayenne-Ginger Paste

Mix turmeric with a little bit of cayenne pepper, and with the paste that you will create, you should brush your teeth with it instead with the commercial one.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils, such as peppermint, tea tree, myrrh, spearmint, clove and cinnamon oil are able to relieve from the pain caused from a toothache, as well as eliminate the bacteria that is present.

Salt Water Gargle

In a glass of water you can add a teaspoon of salt and mix it. Then you should gargle with it, that will reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area as well as prevent from inflammation


Put a fresh slice of cucumber on the affected tooth and you will quickly experience a relief.


Since the garlic has one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory, analagesic and antibacterial properties, it can easily relieve from a toothache. You only need a single garlic clove, just crush it and add some salt on it, then chew it with your painful tooth and you will relieve from the pain.


The onions are very high in antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, so they are also able to eliminate the bacteria and soothe the pain. You need a single slice of onion, and you just need to place it on your painful tooth.

Peppermint Tea

This tea has one of the most powerful antibacterial properties, so drinking a cup from it and swishing it can soothe the toothache.


It contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory porperties which are quite powerful, and it can eliminate the bacteria that is present. Simply adding a teaspoon of it in a gass of water and using it to rinse your mouth it will soothe the toothache.


It contains also one of the most powerful antibacterial properties, therefore it is able to easily soothe the pain, detox your gums and prevent from further infections and bacteria.


If you want to decrease the inflammation and swelling in the affected tooth, you need to add ice to the area.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want a quick pain relief from a toothache, then you need to swish a 3% hydrogen peroxide, it will also fight agains infections. You need to swish it for 30 seconds at least. Then rinse your mouth with warm water.

Turmeric Paste

You can use the mixture of coconut and peppermint oil with a little bit of turmeric as your natural toothpaste, you should brush your teeth with it to reduce the intensity of the pain.

Guava Leaves

These leaves have powerful analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and they are very high in flavonoids. So chewing a fresh leaf until it has released its juice will relieve from the toothache. Or get a few dry leaves make tea out of them and swish the tea.

Chewing Gum

Before you go to the doctor, if you want a permanent pain relief from the toothache, chewing a gum on the painful tooth might help.

Vanilla Extract

Dab a vanilla extract on your affected tooth if you want to prevent from infections and soothe the pain.


You can pressure the point between your index finger and your thumb in order to relieve from a toothache.

Clove Oil

This oil is very rich in a compound that provides powerful analgesic properties, that compound is the eugenol. In coconut oil apply a couple of drops of this oil, dab a cotton ball inside it and then put it on your painful tooth, after a while use water to rinse your mouth.


3-Ingredient Mixture Improves Vision and Liver Detoxification

This homemade vegetable juice, is not only good and beneficial for your overall health, but for your wallet too!

Juicing is a very time-saving and easy way to consume a lot more veggies and fruits, as well as include them in your diet, also you can consume the fruits or veggies before they go bad, after all who doesn’t love juicing?

If you are moderating the intake of calories and natural sugars that are involved in juicing, than you are surely familiar with the fact how the veggie juices are providing powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

But besides that this method is very beneficial, some people find it very hard to start. Because sometimes the vegetable juices can include many green vegetables that are highly needed and nutritious but have a very bitter taste.

However this is not a reason to not try out juicing, or to be worried how the juices will taste, because there are many recipes and options that offer sweeter tastes without the bitter veggies and are just as healthy as every natural juice. Below we will give you the recipe of the “jugo tres en uno” (3 in 1 juice) which comes from Venezuela and is very popular. This juice is simply a mix of carrot, beet and orange juice, with pretty impressive anti-inflammatory properties, and it also tastes very delicious!

Jugo Tres en Uno Recipe (Orange, Carrot and Beet Juice)

The juice you are about to prepare will take only 5 minutes of your time, and with a single preparation there will be from 2 to 4 servings.


  • 2 organic carrots
  • 1 organic beet
  • 4 organic oranges
  • A tablespoon of liquid stevia, honey or any other natural sweetener if you want to sweeten the juice


  1. Wash the ingredients well, and peel the carrots beet and the oranges as well.
  2. Then put the carrots, beet and oranges into the juicer and juice them. Or you can put them in a blender and blend them if you want to make a smoothie.
  3. Add the natural sweetener if you want some.
  4. Consume right away, and enjoy!

Note: The number of the ingredients can be changed as you desire. For example if you want to make the mixture a lot sweeter then add more carrots, or if you want to make it more bitter, then add a few more oranges. Also you may add some other veggies that are rich in vitamin C but contain low amounts of sugar, such as celery or kale. Also the juice should be consumed before your meals, in order to decrease the impact on your blood sugar, this will also reduce the glucose release into your blood stream.

The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Carrots, Beets and Oranges

Since the juice contains the 3 of the most consumed fruits and veggies, you already know how delicious it might be. And there are researchers who have reported something about the health benefits and the nutritional content of the veggies and fruits of this juice.

Oranges are famous for their health benefits, as well as their richness in flavonoids, potassium, vitamin B and of course huge amounts of vitamin C!


The flavonoids that are contained in the oranges, have the ability to prevent from chronic diseases and inflammation, for example from dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer as well. Since they are a rich source of vitamin C, they are able to keep the lining of our blood vessels limber, improve the health of our skin by preventing from the damage done by oxidation and manage the levels of fat in our body. Also they are able to prevent from type 2 diabetes and improve our digestion as well, because they are rich in folate and thiamine (B vitamins).


The beets are rich in vitamin B1, also known as thiamine which is gut-healthy, and can come along with other nitrates, antioxidants, and many minerals, for example with manganese.

The antioxidants that are contained in the beets, were proven scientifically that are able to relieve from oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. The juice from beets is also able to relieve or prevent from chronic conditions and diseases, such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. The nitrates that are contained in the beets are able to boost the blood flow inside our brain and prevent from the cognitive impairment. And the manganese is scientifically proven to prevent or help in case of diabetes, and improve the function of our kidneys.

This root veggie is also known for its ability to positively affect our liver function and our digestion as well. With beets you can protect your liver and heal it, relieve from constipation and detoxify it very easily.


The carrots are nothing less than these two, they are also very rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, such as magnesium, iron and potassium. Also they are a rich source of carotenes and vitamin A.

Besides that the vitamin A is aiding anti-inflammatory processes, it is also able to improve our eyesight, especially during the night, prevent or treat eye disorders, for example age-related macular degeneration or cataracts. Carotenes, vitamin A and the retionic acid which is a substance that is a product of the body when vitamin A is present, are also able to prevent from skin cancer, boost our immunity system and repair any skin damage. The potassium is able to slow down or prevent from kidney diseases, reduce the risk of death by a cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

So, anytime there are some oranges, carrots and beets left at home, don’t let them get bad, just get the juicer or the blender, prepare the juice or in a form of smoothie, sweeten it up with a natural sweetener and you have the “jugo tres en uno” the three in one juice that is the most beneficial you can consume, and the best anti-inflammatory snack at the same time!


7-Day Cucumber Diet That Drops Pounds Very Fast

Give this simple cucumber diet a try if you can’t pay attention to what you consume and take inside your body. In only 10 days you will be able to see the results from the diet, and you will be amazed by them. You only need to be physically active at all times and buy the few needed products for the diet.

And as you may guess, the main ingredient for the diet is cucumber.

You can include it into almost every meal, and you can eat as much as you want from it, what’s even better is that it can be eaten whenever you are feeling hunger. It is also highly beneficial for your whole body, it is purifying your organism, stimulates your organism, cleanses your intestines and supports your digestion.

If you consume cucumber every day, you will be able to get rid of the excess water that was accumulated inside your body. The cucumber can cleanse your entire skin, including your face, and it will fully detox your body, also preventing from acne.

And it is not coincidence that every face mask has cucumber included.

Meal Plan

Follow this meal plan if you want this cucumber diet to work.


Get yourself a cucumber (200 grams, sliced) and low fat yogurt without any sugars added afterwards. Mix the cucumber in the yogurt and consume it. If you feel cravings or hunger after that, you can eat an apple or two or a peach is also good.


For the main meal of the day, you need to eat a full plate of cucumber salad with a few slices of dry bread. And if you want to change something in your diet plan and you want something with a stronger taste, then you can give this recipe a try:

  • Cucumber
  • 300 grams of fresh fruits
  • 2 potatoes
  • Drinks: Coffee and tea without sugar

First you need to boil the potatoes for a while and then bake them if you want. Eat the potatoes with some cucumber slices and a few slices of whole wheat bread. Then the prepared cup of fresh fruits can be consumed later as a snack, or make a fruit salad with the fruits. And your drinks, the coffee and the tea should be consumed without sugar!

Here is another recipe that you can try:

  • Cucumber
  • 15 grams of white wheat or 2 eggs / 150 grams of tuna
  • 2 potatoes / 3 slices of whole wheat bread

It is up to you to choose between the bread and the potatoes. But you can only eat one of those two, in a combination of  cucumber slices and some tuna. If you are not a fan of the tuna taste or smell, then get the white meat and the boiled eggs and drill the meat.

Cucumber Shake

Drink this simple cucumber shake between your main meals. The shake cannot be limited in how much you consume of it, and here is what needs to be done:

  • A cucumber
  • Ginger
  • An apple
  • 20 grams of walnuts and almonds
  • A handful of spinach

Get the needed ingredients and get the blender. First you should put the spinach, cucumber and apple. Blend for a while with their peels of course. Also you can add the ginger after that process into the blending mixture. The desired consistency will show you that the shake is ready to be consumed.

Use some almonds and walnuts in order to decorate the glass, and the mixture should be consumed right away. The healing abilities can be lost from the drink if you leave it to rest. Also the shake is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, like iron, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and vitamin K.


The dinner meal will not be made out of many many different foods, because you need only 300 grams or less from any fruit you like, or simply make a fruit salad from a few different fruits.

For Best Results

If you want the effects to be visible after the 7th day then you need to put yourself on a very strict diets and be patient. Also for breakfast you need to consume fruits, 200 grams of cucumber and yogurt. For lunch eat a large cucumber large salad in a very large plate, with a single piece of dry bread. And for dinner you are only allowed to have a fruit salad.



This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

One of the most essential nutrients that is highly needed to be present n our bodies, which is also needed for the nutrient transportation out and into the cells, which is regulating our blood pressure, exchanges ions and a lot more is the salt! But not every salt is the same. The table salt we use, doesn’t contain any minerals except the chloride and sodium, because it is stripped from the rest, therefore it won’t have the same positive bio-impact on our bodies, as the unrefined, pure salt would have that is containing thousands of other minerals too.

One of the most complete and nutritious salts we can buy is the Himalayan salt. This is a type of salt that was forming for millions of years in the Himalayas, this salt also contains countless trace minerals and macro-minerals, and it has a pinkish color. In the article below you can actually find about some of the health benefits that this salt can provide for you, and how some meals can be turned from blandest to a nutrient powerhouse.

Why everybody loves the Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt is very rich in minerals, it contains a huge number of minerals inside it. Actually there is a study done by the Meadow, in which it was proven that this salt contains 84 minerals inside it, and some other elements and electrolytes. This number has fascinated everybody, because only 118 elements are familiar and discovered scientifically, and 84 are contained in this salt. So if you add a little bit of Himalayan salt in your meals, can solve a lot of mineral deficiencies and will help you rectify them all. Also this salt contains the top 5 minerals that almost every American citizen is in lack of. Those minerals are the calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and iodine. The most frightening deficiency of all is the iodine deficiency, and also this one is the most common too. It is frightening because the iodine is playing a huge role in our metabolism functioning, it is actually controlling our thyroid gland. But if you use the Himalayan salt in your meals, you don’t need to worry about the iodine deficiency anymore!

Also there is another mineral that is highly important, and this mineral has it in huge amounts, that mineral is the sodium. Even though that this mineral is suffering because of its bad reputation because it is connected to processed foods, in fact the unprocessed and real sodium is quite important for our body. It is able to regulate the blood volume, therefore regulating our blood pressure too, and it is also supportive of our heart functions, nerve transmissions and muscle contractions as well. Health experts and scientists say that the recommended daily dose of sodium is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams for women and men between 9 and 50 years old. For example, in a single teaspoon of Himalayan salt, there are contained 400 milligrams of sodium.

Even though that the salt is mostly used in foods and meals, because of its richness in minerals it can also be used for external detoxification. Actually there is no better salt out there to bathe in, than the Himalayan salt. Our skin is easily penetrable for this salt because of its negative ions and minerals, therefore it can provide that detoxifying and cleansing effect, which will leave both our mind and our skin invigorated and rejuvenated even hours after the bath. Also the salt has a very good effect on the air that surrounds us. Don’t you think that it is not a coincidence that every salt lamp is made from Himalayan salt, and not from sea salt or table salt? The negative ions that the salt is releasing are bonding with the positive ones in the air, therefore neutralizing every pollutant in the air.

Purchasing Advice

You can buy Himalayan salt from a store, or you can order it online. Usually it is sold as coarse or fine grains. We highly recommend you to purchase the Fine-grained Himalayan salt, because the crystals are a lot smaller, which makes it easier to include it into meals. You can see if the color of the salt is pink, it means that it is rich in all of those minerals you’ve read about in the article above.


How 15 Minutes Of Walking Per Day Can Change Your Body

Countless health benefits can be provided from regular exercising, you can improve your emotional, physical and mental health. According to many researches, simply walking at least 15 minutes on daily basis will extend your life for about 7 years, because it is improving your health in many ways.

There was a study in which 69 volunteers were included, and they were all between 30 and 60 years old. The researchers concluded that the ones who were exercising regularly or at least walk every day were experiencing anti-aging benefits, compared to the ones who didn’t.

So, if you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to go to the gym or exercise, then you should at least walk every day for at least 15 minutes to experience these anti-aging benefits and much more.

According to the 3 studies that were done by Harvard University, walking can provide some amazing effects when it comes to our heart health, such as these below:

  • Among 72,488 female nurses, the risk of cardiac death or a heart attack can be decreased by an amazing 35%, and the risk of a stroke can be decreased by 34%, with walking about 3 hours a week.
  • Among 44,452 male health professionals, the risk of a coronary artery disease can be decreased by an amazing 18%, only with walking for 30 minutes on daily basis.
  • Among 10,269 male graduates on Harvard College, the death rate can be decreased by an amazing 22%, only with walking at least 9 miles on weekly basis.

Health Benefits of Walking Regularly:

1. Improved Cognitive Performance

According to many studies the cognitive performance both in adults and children can be improved with walking.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Also the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced with moderate intensity walking, according to many scientists.

3. Improved Mobility & Pain Relief

There was an article published by The American Heart Association, in which it was reported that walking can easily relieve from muscle and joint pain, and actually improve mobility in case of a PAD (pheripheral artery disease).

4. Improved Mood

With walking for about 12 minutes, not only that you will boost your self-confidence and attentiveness, but you will also improve your mood very much.

5. Diabetes Control and Prevention

According to a study which was done by the Harvard Nurses, women are able to decrease the risk of diabetes by an amazing 30%, also burning a lot of fat in the abdominal area, only with walking for at least 30 minutes on daily basis.

6. Decrease the Risk of Cancer

According to a study done by The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, it was proven that the risk of breast cancer can be decreased by 14% in women who walked at least 7 hours on weekly basis.

Also there was another study that was done by Harvard University, and the University of California and San Francisco, in which was proven that men who walked at least 3 hours on weekly basis, and were dealing with prostate cancer, lowered the risk of recurrence.

Follow the tips below to boost the effects and benefits from walking:

  • Pick the right pace -- To burn more calories, walk 3.5 miles an hour and if you want to speed up a little bit, make your steps smaller but a lot faster.
  • Wear comfy shoes -- The shoes you wear while walking should be lightweight, low-heeled and they need to have flexible soles too.
  • Right body posture -- Make sure you are facing forward, your chin should be parallel to the ground, your shoulders should be back and down, and as far away from your ears as possible.
  • Swing your arms -- Your arms should be bent about 90 degrees, and you should pump from your shoulders.
  • Try the incline walk -- To burn more fat, try walking up and down some stairs, or at a treadmill with the incline up.

If you want to walk more take a look at these 9 guiding steps:

  1. Don’t go for the elevator, take the stairs.
  2. Walk with your friends, or go take your dog for a walk.
  3. Listen to a podcast while waling.
  4. Don’t take the car or a bus, to school or work.
  5. Go for a short walk after your lunch.
  6. To burn more calories, go for a short walk after your dinner too.
  7. Try the “talk and walk” meetings at your job.
  8. If you use the public transport, get off the bus a couple of stops before the destination you are going to.
  9. If you are going by car, leave your care a little bit further from the place you need to go to.

Walking can provide the best health benefits for you and your health, because it will keep you in a fit shape, your body will be in perfect posture, it will affect your physical and mental state in a positive way, it will relax your mind, and it will protect you from many health conditions and issues as well.

So, get moving now!