Here’s What’ll Happen To Your Body When You Start Consuming Turmeric Every Day

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Here’s What Will Happen To Your Body When You Start Consuming Turmeric Every Day

One of the most famous spices is the golden one, we all know it, the turmeric. Besides that it is being used for cooking, also it used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for the treatment of many health issues and diseases.

It is mostly used because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as for its ability to treat and prevent digestive issues.

But there are some good news, more and more people are getting aware of its powerful abilities and its strong properties every day, all around the world. And here are the most important things that the turmeric does for you.

It Decreases the Risk of Cancer

The American Cancer Society has done a study, in which it was proven that the turmeric is able to interfere with some molecular pathways action, including the production of cancer cells. It is highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of lymphoma, Breast cancer and leukemia. Also the turmeric is able to treat lung cancer, melanoma, colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

It Can Relieve from Inflammation

According to many studies, it is proven that the turmeric can act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Also the turmeric is considered to provide even better results than many anti-inflammatory drugs, especially in chronic conditions.

It Improves our Brain Health

According to a study, the active ingredient inside it, the curcumin is able to improve cognition. Which means it is no surprise that the turmeric is able to improve our brain function, and protect us from some neurodegenerative issues, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also this spice is able to boost the development and production of brain connections, and improve neuroplasticity.

It Improves the Digestion

We mentioned that it has one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, and it is also able to treat various digestive issues. According to a study, this golden spice is able to treat indigestion, stomach ulcers and many other health issues and conditions. It is that much effective, only because of the curcumin, which is able to improve the digestive system’s function and and stimulate the bile production.

It can Treat Arthritis Symptoms

We mentioned about its strong anti-inflammatory properties before, from which it gains the ability to prevent and soothe arthritis symptoms. Many scientists and experts have said that the turmeric is far better than most of the prescribed drugs and medications, which are over-the-counter. Once you include the turmeric in your everyday diet, you will relieve from the arthritis symptoms, and feel the improvements for yourself.

It can Improve Heart Health

You can prevent from plaque accumulation in your arteries, with the regular consumption of this golden spice. This was also proven scientifically, and from there it seems that it is decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. Also the golden spice can lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, prevent from blood clots and treat countless other health conditions.

Source: Alternative Health Universe

12 Incredible Things That Happen When You Put An Ice Cube At This Point Of Your Head!

the hot summer season, the ice cubes are the best thing, because we can make any drink a lot tastier and fresh. Everybody has ice cube trays in their fridge during this period.

But they have some other purposes, besides being added in a glass and cool your drink. The ice cubes are highly beneficial for your overall health and they can help you prevent and treat countless health issues.

Ice cubes have the ability to make you feel more vivid and a lot lighter, also they will restore your energy and positivity!

We will show you a simple method that will help you a lot. The method is highly effective and millions of people are using it all around the world. You only need to get an ice cube and massage certain spots on your body, also the point where your head and neck meet.

This method is called Fenf Fu, by the Chinese acupuncturists, and it has been famous for many years. You will feel a bit cold, and like some parts are freezing, but that is completely normal for this technique.

Once the temperature drops, your muscles will start to contract. Then after you’ve finished with the technique, you will feel warmer, and that warmth will be very comforting.

With this technique you will be able to cause euphoria, and a discharge of endorphin in your body.

Many benefits can be gained with this simple method:

  1. You will sleep longer and improve the quality of your sleep.
  2. Prevent and relieve from colds.
  3. Enhance your digestion.
  4. You will decrease your blood pressure.
  5. With this technique you will treat degenerative spine changes and various neurological disorders.
  6. You won’t be bothered by toothaches, headaches and joint pain.
  7. It will improve your breathing and stimulate your cardiovascular system.
  8. It helps individuals that are dealing with malnutrition and obesity.
  9. It can relieve from asthma symptoms.
  10. Also some disorders that are associated with the thyroid gland, can be treated with this method.
  11. Treat some issues with your impotence and endocrine glands with this treatment, and in case of heavy menstruation this treatment will control the blood flow.
  12. The use of ice cubes will also help you t0 treat and control the psycho-emotional issues, and they will treat stress, depression and insomnia.

With this simple and effective technique, you will be able to prevent from many ailments, and gain a lot of benefits for your overall health at the same time. It will also bring balance back into your body. It may not be able to prevent or cure deadly diseases, but it is surely able to boost every vital function in your body!


4 Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp up at Night and How to Fix It

Leg cramps can sometimes occur during the night, while sleeping. Mostly these so called “nocturnal leg cramps” are followed with pain during and before the sleep, and most commonly they occur in our calves, but we feel the pain in our thighs and our feet too.

This pain is a lot more common in elderly people, for example for people that over 50 years old, and both sexes are affected equally.

A neurologist at the University of Florida Health, Michael Jaffee reported:

“The balling up of the muscles and the spasm are the ones that are causing this pain to occur, and most commonly it is in the calf. This pain can be there from a few seconds to several minutes, sometimes it can cause soreness for a couple of hours, and maybe a slight discomfort for about 2-3 days.”

Also he added:

“Actually 90% of the nocturnal leg cramps that occur are idiopathic, which means that there is no clear or known reason why they occur.”

The nocturnal leg cramps mostly are triggered by an improper sitting position, prolonged periods of sitting and standing, also over-exertion of your leg muscles and working on concrete floors as well.

There are some medical conditions that are very likely to cause the appearance of nocturnal leg cramps, like alcoholism, magnesium deficiency, pregnancy, neuromuscular disorder, endocrine disorders, structural disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and dehydration. Also they might be triggered by the use of beta agonists, diuretics and stains.

Depending on what caused the leg cramps, they can be treated in many different ways.

Here are some of the most effective and completely natural ways to treat and prevent from nocturnal leg cramps:

  • Before going to bed, stretch your legs.
  • Optimize your magnesium and potassium levels in your body.
  • Use acupuncture to relieve from the tightness in your muscles.
  • Put a heating pad on the affected area.
  • To increase the blood flow in your legs, use a chestnut.
  • Before you go to sleep, enjoy a warm bath to relax your muscles.
  • Also before going to bed, to soothe the pain apply magnesium oil on your legs.
  • To increase the strength of your leg muscles, try some water exercises.
  • Wear some ergonomic shoes, avoid wearing high heels.

Follow these simple tips below, if you are still experiencing this issue during the night:

  • To boost your blood flow in the legs, get up and walk slowly around.
  • Consume one tablespoon of yellow mustard.
  • Extend your legs in front of you, then flex your feet in order for your toes to be pointing towards your knees.
  • Apply a little bit of pressure, and massage that area in slow circular motions.


If You Are Banana Lover Read These 10 Shocking Facts (No. 4 Is Very Important)

One of the most famous and popular fruits all around the world, are the bananas. They contain various nutrients, and have the most unique taste. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, they also contain a very low amount of calories, no cholesterol or fat at all, so it means they can provide a lot of health benefits for us.

Which is why we have prepared 10 reasons for you, to include bananas in your everyday diet:

1. Bananas are rich in potassium and low in sodium, therefore they are lowering our blood pressure and preventing from cardiovascular complications.

2. Bananas have the ability to treat anxiety, depression, improve our sleep, because they are rich in trypotophan, which is a serotonin precursor.

3. Bananas are a rich source of fiber, therefore they are able to prevent from bloating and indigestion, normalize our bowel movements and improve our digestion as well.

4. Bananas also have the ability to prevent from kidney stones formation.

5. You can prevent from glucose spikes by consuming bananas, because they are controlling our blood sugar.

6. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, so they are able to prevent from inflammation and joint issues.

7. Bananas are also a rich source of potassium, so they are able to improve our brain function.

8. The consumption of bananas, will increase the levels of your energy, it will nourish your muscles and supply them with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals.

9. Bananas are able to improve the absorption of calcium, therefore strengthening our bones.

10. They also contain huge amounts of iron, which means they are supporting the production of red blood cells, and they are able to treat anemia.

Even if you are consuming bananas and you are a fan, you surely don’t know about some of these fats about them:

  • The bananas are called musa sapientum scientifically, which means “fruit of the wise men”.
  • The bananas we purchase from our grocery stores or local markets are a Cavendish banana type.
  • A couple of decades ago, Florida was the place where bananas were grown, but today they are grown in Hawaii, and that is the only place in the U.S. So, most of the bananas we purchase are coming from South America and Latin America, also from Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.
  • Technically the bananas are a type of berries.
  • The bananas are not growing on the trees, actually they are growing on very large plants, which are considered to be herbs, along with some other members of this family, such as palms, orchids and lilies.
  • 51% of the bananas that are consumed, are consumed for breakfast.
  • Just as the watermelons and the apples, the bananas also float in water.
  • In many countries, including Japan, the fiber that is contained in bananas is actually used for production of paper and fabric.
  • There are some varieties of bananas, like bubblegum pink bananas with fuzzy skin, bananas that have strawberry taste once they are cooked and green & white striped bananas with pulp the color of orange sherbet.


5 Ways to Sculpt Lean Thighs From the Floor

You don’t know how easy it is to have a lower half that everybody will desire for. Give these lazy exercises a try, they will tighten your thighs, and they only take a couple of minutes of your time. From each exercise, you should make about 10-15 repetitions, do them in the same order as they are listed below, and then you can switch sides and do it with the other leg as well. Preforming these exercises 4 times on weekly basis, you will achieve the desired lower half.

1. Basic Leg Lifts

Lay down on your left side, stretch your legs and flex your feet, then bend your left elbow so that your left hand is supporting your head. Then bring your left leg forward a bit, and bend that knee to make a 90 degree angle.

Keep your right leg straight, abs tight and hips and shoulders stacked, engage the outer thigh in order to lift your right leg, and make a 45 degree angle with it by lifting it off the floor. Keep it for a second and then lower it, that is one rep.

2. Leg Lift with Knee -- In:

Lay down on your left side, and stretch your legs, while you are supporting your head with your left hand, by bending your left elbow and holding yourself on it. Then slowly bring the left leg forward and bend that knee in order to make a 90 degree angle.

Make sure your left leg is straight, abs tight, hips stacked and your left toes pointing, then lift your right leg by engaging your outer thigh, form a 45 degree angle by lifting the leg off the ground. Then when you formed the angle, bend it at the knee and bring it forward, towards the core.

Then release, bring the leg in the air like it was, and lower it on the ground, but don’t touch the ground. That is one repetition.

3. Pike Leg Pulses

Lay down on your left side, flex your feet, stretch your legs and support your head with your left hand by bending your left elbow and holding yourself on it. Then bring the bottom leg forward and make a 90 degree angle. Bring it forward until your foot and hips are aligned.

Keep your abs tight, stack your hips and shoulders, extend your leg and keep it straight. Then engage your outer thigh in order to lift the top leg in the air, make sure it is above hip level. Then hold it there, and lower it towards the ground, but make sure it doesn’t touch it, that is one repetition.

4. Pike Knee -- Ins:

Lay down on your left side and stretch your legs, flex your feet and then bend your left elbow in order to support your head with your left hand. Then bring your left forward, and bend your knee to form a 90 degree angle. Make sure the left foot is aligned with your hips.

Stack your hips and shoulders, and lift the right leg above hip-level. Then bring your right knee towards your chest as you engage your core. Push it back out and that is one repetition.

5. Split Leg Lifts:

Lay down on your left side and hold yourself on the left elbow, make sure it is aligned with your shoulder, the palm should be on the floor. Keep both of your legs completely straight, then raise your top leg, while keeping it straight and grab it by the ankle.

Engage your inner thighs and your core and lift the bottom leg and make sure your ankles touch in the air. Hold that position for a second and lower your leg, that is one rep.


Warning! These 5 Snacks are Made Out of Petroleum-Based, Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Your children are constantly taking estrogen and you are not aware of it, because they do it through their snacks. The petroleum-based products are considered to be xenoestrogens, the refined varieties as well.

The snacks that every kid likes can contain anything, from petroleum products to cancer causing artificial coloring, and much more. Petroleum is the ingredient that is used for the making of gas and oil as well. Most of the food dyes, mostly the Red 40 and Yellow 5 are made out of petroleum, which can cause many health issues. The FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) started to take these ingredients more seriously, and they said that the facts about them is concerning.

The health issues that may occur in children are cancer, allergic reactions and hyperactivity. The artificial food coloring was proven to be connected to ear infections, bed-wetting, obesity, hypersensitivity, headaches, mood swings, eczema, diabetes, asthma, sleep disturbances, hyperactivity, chromosomal damage, ADD/ADHD, risky behavior, hypoglycemia, hives and sleep disturbances.

These ingredients and substances are very toxic, the European Union and British government has even ended their use, and transport through Europe.

5 of the Most Popular Children Snacks that Can Cause Cancer, because they Contain Petroleum Products:

1. Fruit Snacks

The fruit snacks are found in various fruit flavors, and they are very tasty, and you will not be able to resist them, until you are aware that they are only made from food coloring and artificial sweeteners and additives. One of the most famous petroleum products used in these snacks is the, Red 3, or also known as Erythrosine or E127.

2. Pop Tarts

The pop tarts first came out in 1964, and the frosted Strawberry flavor contains sugar, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. These ingredients are simply every harmful form of the sugar. Also the other ingredient that you should be concerned about is TBHQ, which is related to butane, and it comes from the petroleum. It is artificial colors that cause cancer and partially hydrogenated soybean oil which is causing cellular dysfunction.

3. Cheetos

We all know those cheesy, orange snacks. Yellow 6 is the color that is used to get that “cheese” color of the product, which is also derived from petroleum. And the cheese flavoring is made out of ethyl methylphenidate and methyl benzoate.

4. M&M’s

They are these small chocolate candies that are in many different colors, which are simply melting inside your mouth. The colors that are used for the candies are harmful and artificial. The colors that are used are, Blue 1, Blue 2, Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Red 40. The blue 1 is producing malignant tumors. The blue 2 is causing hyperactivity and is petroleum based, also it is increasing the risk of brain tumor. Red 40 is damaging our DNA, while the yellow 6 can cause cancer. Yellow 5 and every other color is made out of petroleum, therefore causing cancer, hyperactivity, and allergic reactions.

5. Teddy Grams

The teddy grams were first introduced in 1988, and today we have them in many different shapes and flavors. These tiny bears are so interesting for young children and tasty as well, but in fact they are willed with TBHQ. It is a toxic ingredient which can cause ringing in the ear, vomiting, nausea, collapse and delirium. According to lab researches on rats, this ingredient is fragmenting our DNA, causing damage to the lungs and to the umbilical cells, and causes cancer. In young children it can easily increase the intensity of the ADHD symptoms, cause restlessness and anxiety as well.

You can give your child many healthier and tastier snacks than these. Organic celery and carrots, pre-portioned bags with veggies, organic fruits, and if you are short on time, make a batch of flax seeds, chia and granola bars. Then you can prepare them with nuts or fruits, and freeze them.


How To Remove Gout and Joint Pain (Uric Acid and Crystals)

Elevated levels of uric acid in our body, can easily lead to its crystallization in our joints, and this condition is called gout. Gout is a type of arthritis, which can lead to a lot of pain and inflammation. Postmenopausal women and men have increased risk of developing gout.

Mostly this condition is followed with symptoms like, redness, pain, and swelling in the area of some joints and our big toe.

Most commonly the gout is triggered by a diet that is filled with hydrogenated fats and carbs, acidic system, obesity, a lot of stress, alcohol, insulin resistance, increased blood pressure, kidney disease and insulin resistance.

It is better to treat this condition naturally, because treating it with the anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drugs you are exposing yourself to many other health risks.

Also the levels of uric acid in our body are increased when we consume too much foods that are rich in purine like peas, oily fish, red meat, sardines, salmon, lentils, herring and beans, as well as the consumption of fizzy drinks, alcohol and juices that contain a lot of fructose.

Here are a few tips that will help you prevent from this condition, and even treat it:

  • Drink a lot of water, that way you will eliminate the uric acid from your body.
  • You will regulate the uric acid levels, by consuming a mixture of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (unfiltered, organic) in a glass of water, on daily basis that way you will also alkalize your body.
  • Avoid high-purine and protein-rich foods.
  • Lemon juice is one of the best thing to consume if you want to reduce the swelling and gout pain, because it is alkalizing your body and it is lowering the acid levels.
  • Apples are rich in malic acid, therefore they are able to reduce the uric acid levels.
  • You can normalize your insulin levels and levels of uric acid in your body, by exercising regularly, you will also reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups.
  • Consume more fruits and veggies every day, eat more brown rice, sweet potatoes, amaranth and celery.
  • Consume more ginger and turmeric, because they contain one of the strongest anti-inflammatory abilities.
  • Bananas are a potassium-rich food, which can turn the uric crystals in liquid, and eliminate them through our urine. Also the banana is rich in vitamin C, which means it can soothe and reduce the swelling and pain.
  • Consume more cherries, prunes, and pineapples, because they are able to remove uric acid from your body.
  • Reduce the swelling caused from the gout, with a cold therapy.
  • Increase the intake of blackberries, bilberries and blueberries, because they are able to reduce the uric acid levels, due to their richness in bioflavonoids.
  • The Epsom salts contain a lot of magnesium, therefore they are able to reduce our blood pressure. You can relieve from the swelling and pain, by soaking yourself in a warm bath with Epsom salts.
  • Avoid the intake of cheese and beer.
  • You can soothe the effects of the gout, with the use of activated charcoal, because it is absorbing the uric acid. Adding 1/2 a cup of charcoal powder into your warm bath, will solve this issue.


8 Causes Of Bloated Stomach and Natural Remedies

You surely know what type of discomfort a stomach bloating can cause, if you have experienced it. This issue occurs when there is excess gas in our digestive tract, which is causing flatulence, swelling, abnormal noises, burping and hard stomach.

Most commonly this issue is solving itself within a couple of hours, but it is even better to find a natural way to treat it and get rid of it quicker as possible, or even prevent it from occurrence.

Mostly stomach bloating is caused from:

Dairy products -- Mostly the lactose intolerance will cause stomach bloating.

Insufficient water intake -- When our body is dehydrated, it is retaining water to prevent from complications, therefore causing stomach bloating.

Gassy foods -- This type of foods is very hard for digestion, like beans, cruciferous veggies, fruits and some other vegetables.

Eating too much or fast eating -- This is the case when our stomach is stretching, therefore releasing space for gases to accumulate, and the foods we consume, cannot be processed well.

Stress -- When we are under stress, our body is diverting blood from our digestive system to other body parts, therefore making our digestive system less efficient.

Use of some medications -- Many medications may cause stomach bloating, such as antacids, aspirin, multivitamins, iron oils, painkillers and fiber supplements.

Artificial sweeteners -- It is difficult for our body to absorb artificial sweeteners, therefore causing flatulence, pain and diarrhea.

Fizzy drinks, chewing gums, use of straw and soda -- All of these products can cause stomach bloating.

But, the list of herbs, drinks and foods below can help you eliminate and prevent from bloating:

Papaya -- The active compounds that are contained in this fruit, can prevent from stomach bloating.

Ginger -- Prevents stomach bloating and boosts blood circulation.

Apple Cider Vinegar -- To prevent from bloating, consume a mixture of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Lemon water -- Support digestion and prevent from excess water in our body.

Watermelon -- They are a rich source of water and potassium, also they are able to prevent from water retention and they are natural diuretics.

Pineapple -- It contains bromelain, an enzyme that can support our digestion, and support the process of breaking down proteins.

Asparagus -- Rich source of probiotics that have the ability to relieve from stomach bloating and water retention.

Avocado -- Avocados contain an enzyme called lipase, which can prevent from the formation of gases, therefore prevent from bloating, also it is able to break down fat.

Bananas -- Not only bananas, but every other food that is rich in potassium, is able to prevent from stomach bloating.

Oats -- Not only the oats, but every food that is rich in fiber is able to prevent from stomach bloating.

Yogurt -- The yogurt is able to regulate our digestion due to the richness in good bacteria.

Herbs -- Lemon balm, peppermint, lemon verbena, dandelion root, chamomile, fennel seeds, yellow dock and burdock root.

Herbal Teas -- They are able to treat many digestive issues, not only stomach bloating.

Also some abdominal massages can help in this case, and many of those massages have been used for centuries.

With this simple massage that we have for you, you can move the stool in your colon, therefore preventing and soothing camps, pressure, tightness and bloating.


  • You should start massaging on the right side of your stomach, then go down to your pelvic bone, the massage should be gently and in circular motion. Then slowly up on your right side, close to your ribs.
  • Then massage on your left side, massage gently in circular motion, from your hip bone towards your belly button. Keep massaging for about 3 minutes, use only your fingertips.
  • Also you can press a little bit deeper inside, but be gentle.
  • Then spend another minute, massaging from your rib bones to your hip bone, and then massage one more minute across the middle of your belly.
  • Then massage for a minute from your belly button to the left bone of your pelvis.
  • Rub clockwise for 10 minutes, or so.
  • With this massage you will be able to support your digestion, but also boost your metabolism!


9 Alkaline Foods That Will Help Clean and Remove All Acids From Your Body

Everybody has heard about alkaline foods, but not everybody is aware of how important these foods are for our health. For our body cells to function properly, our body needs to create an alkaline environment.

If our body creates an acidic environment of itself, then it is a target of many health issues, diseases and inflammation. The diets we have these days are filled with processed, fried, sugary and unhealthy foods, and all of those foods are causing our body to become acidic. Also we can even make things worse with the stress, physical inactivity and chemicals.

The most common symptoms of an acidic environment in the body are:

  • Confusion or brain fog
  • Muscle weakness
  • Frequent headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Low energy
  • Digestive issues
  • Acne
  • Joint pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Frequent colds

If you want to crate an alkaline environment of your body, then you need to star consuming these foods and herbs on daily basis:


Strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer, alkalizes the body, and supports our digestive system.


Kiwi will keep your body hydrated, and they are also a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They are also very rich in fiber, therefore supporting our digestion, and they also improve our muscular functions due to their richness in potassium.


With parsley you can detox your body, fight against bacteria, boost your energy levels and strengthen the immune system as well.


Rich in many nutrients, like calcium and iron. Able to prevent from cancer, soothe arthritis symptoms, alkalize the body, and treat digestive issues as well.


Detoxifies the body, regulates the estrogen levels, prevents bloating and obesity, as well as infertility and reproductive cancer too!


Mostly the cucumbers are water, they are keeping you hydrated, and also prvent from uric acid crystallization and detox the body.


Prevents from the formation of cancer cells, boosts bone health and cleanses our body.


Prevents from fat accumulation, alkalizes the body and boost the metabolism.


One of the strongest alkaline foods, which detoxifies our body, supports digestion and weight loss.


These are very delicious fruits, and they can neutralize acidity, boosts the production of white body cells, boosts immunity, and supplies our body with huge amounts of phytochemicals, vitamin B and beta-carotene.


One of the most beneficial herbs, it contains countless nutrients, minerals and vitamins, it is able to decrease the levels of uric acid, cleanse our body from toxins, and prevents the kidney stones formation.


Filled with countless nutrients and healthy fats, improve our heart health and decrease the cholesterol, neutralize the acidity in our body and boost our brain function as well.


Improve eyesight, prevent from cancer, neutralize acidic foods and improve our skin health.


Bananas are one of the most alkaline foods, they are a rich source of fiber and potassium, they are also able to boost our digestive system and cleanse it.


Also the apples are alkaline based, they are rich in anti-bacterial and antioxidant compounds, which makes them able to energize our body and improve our health.

Key Limes

Alkalize our body, eliminate bacteria and detoxify our body.

Plum Tomatoes

They treat urinary tract infections, decrease the risk of cancer, prevent from obesity and treat bladder issues.


The watermelon is also an alkaline food, it is rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber antioxidants and mostly water. It is able to hydrate our body, fight against acidity and supply our body with huge amounts of essential electrolytes for our heart functions.


Also an alkaline fruit that contains huge amounts of minerals, fiber, vitamins and natural sugars, which can treat bloating, stomach problems and diarrhea.


One of the richest sources of vitamin K, iron, and calcium. Also it can prevent from cancer and it fights against acidity.

Sweet Potatoes

They are a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber, so they are able to control our blood sugar, neutralize our body acidity and prevent from many other health issues.


They are also an alkaline based food, also they contain a lot of healthy oils and many beneficial compounds.

Being on a diet that contains a lot of alkaline foods you will improve your mental focus, boost your energy levels and immune system, as well as enhance your overall health!

With the consumption of alkaline foods, you will be able to eliminate the toxins that are accumulated in your body, make your skin shiny, and boost your energy levels as well. Also you will improve your sleep, decrease the risk of osteoporosis and treat acid reflux.


CHALLENGE: 30 Day ABS Challenge Can Help You Flatten the Belly

During the past month, i tried a 30 day squat challenge, it was all good until the 24th day, when the flu caught me, and after that i was not able to get out of my bed. It took me quite awhile to recover from it, and i felt very disappointed, because i didn’t finish the challenge. Sometimes i have worked out when i was sick or sometimes injured, but this time i couldn’t. Even though the flu was gone after awhile, i was still not able to move, because when i stopped working out my thighs and butt were killing me.

Now i am looking forward to a 30 Day Ab Challenge!

I planned to do it at the beginning of this month, but because of the flu i was not able, so i am planning to start it soon. I want to completely recover from the flu, and begin the challenge, and i don’t want to fail again because of a flu. It looks quite intense, but i will try it anyway. Even though i have exercised my abs during almost every workout, my tummy us still not ready for this kind of a challenge. So, as soon as i recover to full health, i will start the challenge right away, because i don’t want another flu bothering me.

You can find also many other Ab challenges on the internet, but find the one that suits you best, and each month you will increase the intensity of it, because that is the only way you will be able to achieve the long desired abs, and also you need to be consistent and dedicated to it.