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Blue Java Banana: The Banana That Tastes ‘Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream’

This banana type is a standout amongst the most unbelievable things on the planet, as I would see it.

The Blue Java is a banana type that is popular for its big similarity to vanilla ice cream in both consistency and taste. It has a sweet, engaging smell, and it’s called Blue Java since its strip has a water blue shading when it’s unripe. They have this iced tinge everywhere throughout the strip that makes it look as if they are frozen permanently. The ripe structure has a greenish or light yellow shading, with the internal parts whitish yellow. It’s distinguished by a few names – Hawaiian banana in Fiji, Cenzio in Central America and ice cream banana in Hawaii.

The cultivar started from South East Asia, spreading through mainlands to Northern Australia. Bananas are commonly tropical organic products. This implies they don’t do well in some cold areas. Most banana types won’t develop past a normal 40 F of temperature. They mostly stary dying off at 28F. The Blue Java banana, in any case, is a tough type that will continue developing in temperatures as low as -7 C/20 F.

Want To Grow “Vanilla Ice Cream” On Your Property?

On the off chance that your climate and property are appropriate for a banana tree here is the thing that you have to know. In the United States, The Blue Java banana is reasonable for developing in the USDA’s zones 9b through 11, albeit a few ranchers develop from zones 8 through 11, which are a piece of the tough zones. This zone map partitions North America into 11 zones, each zone 10 F colder or hotter than the contiguous right or left zone. They empower farmers and plant specialists to realize where best a plant is most likely to grow well.

A completely develop Blue Java tree will get to something close to 15 – 20 feet in tallness. On the off chance that you plant a pseudostem, it takes around 9 months from the time the leaves initially show up for organic products to develop. Then again, you can have trees at different phases of improvement conveyed legitimately to your home.

Bananas don’t require a ton of energy, yet you do need a couple of strong planting tips to get the Blue Java on track, properly.

  • Watering is critical, yet additionally precarious to deal with. Bananas love soft conditions. They like warm, rich soil with high dampness. Amid the developing season, water the tree every now and again and sufficiently, however not to the degree of skimming. Additionally, know the profundity of the dirt, so water doesn’t pull down beneath and offer ascent to root spoil.
  • Bananas require a great deal of treating. Utilize a NPK manure with supplements in the proportion of 3:1:6 to support your plant. For a one foot tall plant, sustain with 1 measure of compost for each month. Make certain to treat when the climate is required to be sensibly warm. Splash the compost all around the roots and water the particles down into the dirt. For each extra two feet the plant develops, include one more measure of manure to the blend.
  • Prune the optional shoots around every rhizome. Leave no less than one shoot around the plant to improve photosynthesis. Overabundance shoots will go after supplements which may make the tree be hindered.
  • Bananas expect daylight to sprout. It tends to be inclined toward full daylight, however steady cloudy is awful for developing plants.

Blue Java Uses

The Blue Java Banana has wide, solid, and thick leaves like some other banana assortment. These leaves can be utilized instead of aluminum foil, material paper or different wrappings for cooking. They can be utilized for preparing, bubbling, steaming, barbecuing, and drying. It ought to be noticed that banana leaves are permeable, not normal for foil or material paper, so squeezes from the sustenance may spill through. In case you’re utilizing a broiler and might want to keep this you place the leave enveloped sustenance by a meal dish to get the juices.

Since the Blue Java banana tastes simply like vanilla ice cream, you can eat it instead of the dessert. Bananas are vitality thick nourishments and are low in fat. 100g of banana contains about 89 calories, 22.8g of carbs and 0.3g of fat.

Bananas are among the most extravagant characteristic wellsprings of potassium. Potassium is a mineral supplement that underpins legitimate muscles compression, and nerve cell reaction. Sufficient potassium is critical for legitimate heart constriction and controls pulse.

The Blue Java banana can supplant standard bananas in each formula. The unobtrusive, practically vanilla flavor is beyond words. They are astounding for banana cakes, smoothies, banana oats treats, banana flapjacks, and they are mind-blowingly unbelievable in banana ice cream.


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