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Bus Station Opens Its Doors to Stray Dogs so They Have a Warm Place to Stay

This period is the most festive from the entire year, however it’s not that joyful if you have to spend it outside.

The cold weather is not a big friend to stray dogs, therefore it is very important to remember this when you are enjoying the warmth and comfort at home.

A couple of stray dogs were not forgotten by the Barreirinha bus terminal employees, in Curitiba, Brazil, who were kind enough to offer them water, food and warm shelter, about 2 years ago.

They’ve made beds for the dogs, Pitoco, Zoinho, and Max. The beds are made from old tires, and are covered with blankets.

Many people were fascinated from this small act of kindness, including the local politician and animal lover, Fabiane Rosa:

A big congratulations to the staff at the terminal, everybody understands that these little angels are there and totally have the right to be. A lot of companies in Curitiba may follow this example, to adopt a pet. Of course, it’s not ideal, however at least there’s someone to look after them.

She has also encouraged people to report any animal abuse, and save these silent, suffering angels, and later added that the communal dogs have a lot more dignified life than those who are victims of neglect and maltreatment, which is hidden behind the walls.

The post she shared on Facebook quickly went viral, with countless of comments praising the heart-warming act by the employees at the bus terminal.

Stray dogs are a developing issue around the world, and separated from issues connected to an absence of room and assets in covers, stray mutts are additionally at an expanded danger of diseases and infections.

Accordingly, we should all put forth a valiant effort to some way or another lessen the quantity of dogs on our roads. 

Embracing a pooch from a safe house is a demonstration of righteousness, however on the off chance that you don’t have the essential conditions to take one at home, you can think about cultivating.

It’s also a very kind act, as you are making a warm home for stray dogs, until the shelter finds them a proper family and new home to take care of them.

Another way to decline the number of stray dogs is to neuter or spray your pet, in order to prevent it from unexpected litters.


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