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Cafe in the Philippines Now Uses Straws Made Out of Coconut Leaves to Cut Plastic Waste

“Never stop fighting for whatever you believe in, even if your efforts are making the tiniest dent in the case” – Anonymous.

There is no other way to say this, than clear and loud, humans are causing a lot of harm and damage to the earth. The amount of commercial, domestic and industrial waste that is released in our environment every day, is simply too much, and there is simply no answer how the earth has managed to hold up all this time.

According to a statistic that was done back in 2016, 7 billion people that are on the earth are producing more than 320 million tons of plastic. According to another study, this statistic is expected to be doubled by 2034. Another study has proven that more than 100,000 marine animals lose their lives because of the plastic pollution every year. The plastic waste is not biodegradable, therefore from hundreds and maybe to thousand years may take for the plastic to decompose.

During this period thousands of tons of harmful gases and chemicals are released in our environment, which are deadly for the animals and humans as well. Plastic pollution is also making the soil less safe and fertile for cultivation!

While plastic straws may not be the greatest supporter of plastic waste, they are a piece of the issue. 500 million plastic straws are utilized every day in the U.S alone, and an expected 8.3 billion of these straws dirty shorelines around the globe. They add to 4% of the plastic waste by piece, and regardless of weighing pretty much nothing, they are non-biodegradable and can contribute altogether to the natural mischief.

Great Things are Not Done in an Impulse, But by a Series of Small Things Brought Together

37-year-old Sarah Tiu, supervisor of Café Editha in Surigao Del Norte, The Philippines, has dependably had the fantasy to annihilate the utilization of plastic straws in her bistro. Addressing Inquirer, Tiu says she at first attempted to utilize paper and pure straws to serve drinks to her clients, yet they loathed these substitutes. There was continually a major issue with every one without fail.

An excursion to Corregidor Island gave her that would make her bistro more eco-accommodating and suit her clients in the meantime.

Sarah Tiu said:

“We purchased new buko and they simply cut lukay, at that point made it into straws. So we requested that they show us because we were really impressed by the idea!”

Buko is coconut juice, and lukay is the neighborhood term for coconut leaves and fronds. Coconut leaves are biodegradable and compostable.

Her clients quickly took to it, transferring pictures of lukay straws in glass pitchers on their internet based life pages. The straws are firmly bound and airtight, and nobody needs to manage that irritating sound you hear when a straw has a tear or an opening.

According to her, she shared photographs of her straws on her Facebook fan page, encouraging other cafe and restaurant owners to follow her path. She’s saying that one straw is taking her less than 2 minutes to make, and she’s doing it every day along with her workers before the cafe opens.

With the bans on plastic stews increasing all over the world, the lukay straws are not the only organic substitute as we see. There are thousands of other non-plastic alternatives that can be used instead of plastic straws.

If every owner of a cafe, bar or restaurant around the world can follow and support this idea, they would be making an amazing change in the global plastic pollution problem.


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