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Cat Sanctuary Seeks Caretaker To Live On A Beautiful Greek Island With 55 Cats

Would you love a job that mixes summer adventures, pets and leisure at the same time? Well, who wouldn’t?

There was a Facebook post recently on God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary on the Greek Island of Syros, which sounded very interesting. A caretaker for the 55 cats on the entire Island, which were rescued by Joan Bowell and her husband over the years.

But, unfortunately Bowell wants a little break, and she is looking for a mature and passionate cat lover who wants to spend the time and really take care of the cats on the island, and enjoy their company.

This sanctuary required a person that will feed the cats, care for the ones that are in health needs, and for the caretaker there is a house with a garden that has a view on the Aegean Sea, a monthly salary, and of course the company of these wonderful animals.

The caretaker must also have a driver’s license, that’s in case the cats need to be taken to a vet. That can be quite challenging, because this sanctuary can be very quiet and secluded during the winter.

It is perfect for people that love tranquility and nature. There was also read in the post that nobody could feel lonely with the company of the cats, and many of them live in the house too.

This position required only a six month commitment, and only a single month of volunteering, which started in October 2018.

There were more than 35,000 applications, and an American Jeffyne Telson was chosen to be on the position. The animal lover and caretaker is coming from California, and spends the winter months in Oregon.

She possesses a salvage named RESQCATS, so she has heaps of involvement. When she saw the commercial, she was excited to have the option to support the Greek cats, however she would not like to be away from Mitch and every one of her creatures for a while. However, Mitch urged her to apply as it could be the opportunity to live her fantasy.

In the wake of comparing with her, Bowell went to Santa Barbara to meet with the rescuer face to face, and Telson acknowledged the activity under one condition, the offered compensation to be given back to the cats. She clarified that she didn’t need the position as a result of the view and the time she could spend on a Greek Island, but since she needed to support the cats.

The island has 22,000 individuals and 13,000 stray cats, and she touched base there following half a month. The two additionally attempted an exceptional task together, picking a settlement at a Greek Orthodox church toward the part of the arrangement street disregarding the Aegean Sea, and following 4 months, they protected the most broken down and most helpless and discovered homes for a large portion of them.

This experience carried an excess of misery to Telson, seeing every one of those suffering cats, and she must be sufficiently able to deal with gigantic weight and experience enthusiastic unrest and figure out how to help the same number of cats as she can.

She likewise needed to figure out how to complete one thing at once and see things in an alternate, more inspiring way.

She said that even the little things mattered and can make a difference, therefore doing something is far better than doing nothing. We cannot change the world by saving a cat, but for that cat we saved, its world will be change forever.

There is also another candidate for the next season, and don’t hesitate at all, feel free to apply if you want to make a change yourself!

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