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How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

People consider lemons to be among the healthiest fruits on the planet. Besides that they are a rich source of nutrients and health benefits, we also enjoy the taste of the fresh lemonade too!

The lemons are the richest source of vitamin C, this vitamin is fighting against colds and flu and it is strengthening our immune system. Also this fruit contains one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, which can soothe and treat health issues such as, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

You can prevent from the free radical damage with lemons. Since it is a rich source of flavonoid content, it has very strong anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

Can you imagine how it would be to always have fresh lemons at home? We can show you how to grow a lemon tree at home, and the only thing you need is a lemon seed!

Ingredients to Grow the Tree:

  • A lemon
  • A proper pot or container
  • High quality soil
  • Plastic film (breathable)
  • Very sunny area

How to plant it:

Get the pot and add the soil inside, then to dampen it you can add a small amount of water. Make sure to leave one inch above the rim when you fill it with soil.

Get the lemon, slice it in pieces and find the best seed that you think it is, the best shape and remove the flesh too. You need to keep it moist, don’t let the seed to dry out. Make a small hole of 1/ an inch and you can place the seed inside the hole.

Then you can add more soil to cover the seed, and make sure you use a squirt bottle.

Then use the plastic foil to cover the pot, and make sure it stays in an area that is constantly exposed to the sun.

Also be aware that watering the seed too much will make it rot. You should take care until the plant sprouts, which takes about 2 weeks, and when it does you can remove the soil.

Taking care of the Lemon Tree:

Keep the tree moist and water it regularly while the tree is still young. Also there container should have draining holes.

This plant needs to be exposed to the sun for a reason, because it requires at least 8 yours of sunlight every day.

Add a fertilizer too, and once it starts to grow, you can transplant the tree in a larger pot, and if you can’t keep a larger pot at home, put it in your backyard or on your balcony.

Source: dailyorganicrecipes.com

You Will Never See a Single Cockroach Again! In Every Corner of Your House Place A Few Leaves Of This Plant

Cockroaches are insects which carry numerous deadly diseases because they are commonly found near the waste deposits. They exist for thousands of years because they’re most adaptable living beings on this plant. There’re over 4,000 species of them, and around 70 in the U.S.

These insects are extremely unpleasant appearance in your house. Besides that, cockroaches are highly difficult to be repelled.

Fortunately, there is one very efficient method which we are going to present to you in today’s article. It’s going to eliminate the cockroaches and at the same time, it will keep them at bay! And all of that, by only using bay leaves.

Bay leaves are powerful way to get rid of these nasty insects in the house. All you need to do is to scatter bay leaves all around your house, including the kitchen cabinets, in pantries, behind the appliances, and in numerous bowls and containers.

For additional protection, burn the bay leaves to feel the potent natural smell of them throughout the whole house.

Because of the fact that the chemicals we use are extremely rich in toxins which make them very harmful, this method is completely natural and will provide even better results in a short period of time.

Source: www.thehealthyfoodhouse.com 

Stop Buying Ginger. Here’s How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Ginger Right At Home

Ginger, being one of the most delicious and beneficial spices, has a distinctive aroma and flavor which provides numerous health benefits.  It relieves seasickness and nausea effectively. According to scientists, ginger treats nausea as successful as prescribed medications for nausea.

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory features that relieve joint and muscle pain. At the same time, these features relieve stiffness as a result of osteoarthritis. Ginger can sooth stomach issues and menstrual pain and treat indigestion. So, you should definitely need to include this amazing spice in your daily menu. You can make a ginger tea, or add the ginger root in desserts or meals.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can grow it in your own house and thus, you will have an endless supply anytime you need.

All you have to do is the following:

Don’t buy ginger roots from the grocery stores because they might be sprayed with chemicals and have ingrown inhibitors. Instead, purchase them from a garden centre or from an online seed catalog. Then, take a shallow and wide pot and fill it with rich potting soil. Next, put the ginger root in some water to soak overnight. Next morning, put the root in the soil with its buds pointing upward. Ensure that the roots are covered with 2 inches of soil. Then, water it well and put the pot in a warm and cozy place, but shaded from the sun. To keep it moist, use a spray bottle to water it frequently. You will notice the initial shoots after a couple of weeks.

Ginger needs low maintenance, which means that you can grow it in the comfort of your own house. As soon as you cut off a piece of it, the rest will keep on growing. Now you have seen how easy it is to grow your own endless supply of ginger which is free of hazardous industrial chemicals!

Source: www.thehealthyfoodhouse.com