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The 4-7-8-Breath: How I Stopped Anxiety in It’s Tracks

Dr. Weil guarantees that the 4-7-8-breathing technique is the absolute best anti-anxiety technique he has tried so far.

It is a straightforward strategy that is said to adequately stop inward choppiness in its tracks, as it makes internal harmony very quickly, …

Taking a Nap May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Various individuals face a difficulty every day, regardless of whether to take a short daytime nap or not, yet analysts have demonstrated that these breaks can really beneficially affect our health.

Taking a short nap around the evening makes us feel …

10 Things That Happen When Your Body Is Lacking Water

Chronic lack of hydration is, sadly, more typical than you might suspect, in both, adults and children.

While children trust they remunerate by drinking sugary drinks or fruit juices, which is a lie, over one half of the American adults don’t …