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To All Of You Nurses

You’re here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That’s how important you really are! — Eckhart Tolle.

There’s a hero inside of everybody. Having a greater purpose in life is a real blessing, even though it can …

Italian Engineers Turn Snorkeling Masks Into Life-Saving Ventilators

These times are very hard for everybody, because on daily basis we’re facing many challenges. The new coronavirus pandemic shocked the world, and its fast spread increased the demands for necessary equipment and qualified specialists.

However, many companies and innovators are …

Life Finds A Way: Pictures After The Australian Bushfires

Nature always recovers, however sometimes we just need to let it heal by itself. The bushfires in Australia kept damaging the territory for several months, however Mother Nature has found a way to recover once more!

Even though a lot of …

We Are Underestimating The Vital Importance Of Physical Touch

Unfortunately, for most of the people, the answer to this question is showing how little physical affection they both receive and give.

That’s only because the societies are going through a crisis of touch!

The people of today, may have forgotten the …

Pick A Day To Relax

The modern lifestyles that we live often leave us dissatisfied, exhausted, and stressed. While we rush to complete all of our daily activities and responsibilities, we forget to take proper care of ourselves.

However, we shouldn’t forget that our main goal …