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8 Causes Of Bloated Stomach and Natural Remedies

You surely know what type of discomfort a stomach bloating can cause, if you have experienced it. This issue occurs when there is excess gas in our digestive tract, which is causing flatulence, swelling, abnormal noises, burping and hard stomach.

Most commonly this issue is solving itself within a couple of hours, but it is even better to find a natural way to treat it and get rid of it quicker as possible, or even prevent it from occurrence.

Mostly stomach bloating is caused from:

Dairy products -- Mostly the lactose intolerance will cause stomach bloating.

Insufficient water intake -- When our body is dehydrated, it is retaining water to prevent from complications, therefore causing stomach bloating.

Gassy foods -- This type of foods is very hard for digestion, like beans, cruciferous veggies, fruits and some other vegetables.

Eating too much or fast eating -- This is the case when our stomach is stretching, therefore releasing space for gases to accumulate, and the foods we consume, cannot be processed well.

Stress -- When we are under stress, our body is diverting blood from our digestive system to other body parts, therefore making our digestive system less efficient.

Use of some medications -- Many medications may cause stomach bloating, such as antacids, aspirin, multivitamins, iron oils, painkillers and fiber supplements.

Artificial sweeteners -- It is difficult for our body to absorb artificial sweeteners, therefore causing flatulence, pain and diarrhea.

Fizzy drinks, chewing gums, use of straw and soda -- All of these products can cause stomach bloating.

But, the list of herbs, drinks and foods below can help you eliminate and prevent from bloating:

Papaya -- The active compounds that are contained in this fruit, can prevent from stomach bloating.

Ginger -- Prevents stomach bloating and boosts blood circulation.

Apple Cider Vinegar -- To prevent from bloating, consume a mixture of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Lemon water -- Support digestion and prevent from excess water in our body.

Watermelon -- They are a rich source of water and potassium, also they are able to prevent from water retention and they are natural diuretics.

Pineapple -- It contains bromelain, an enzyme that can support our digestion, and support the process of breaking down proteins.

Asparagus -- Rich source of probiotics that have the ability to relieve from stomach bloating and water retention.

Avocado -- Avocados contain an enzyme called lipase, which can prevent from the formation of gases, therefore prevent from bloating, also it is able to break down fat.

Bananas -- Not only bananas, but every other food that is rich in potassium, is able to prevent from stomach bloating.

Oats -- Not only the oats, but every food that is rich in fiber is able to prevent from stomach bloating.

Yogurt -- The yogurt is able to regulate our digestion due to the richness in good bacteria.

Herbs -- Lemon balm, peppermint, lemon verbena, dandelion root, chamomile, fennel seeds, yellow dock and burdock root.

Herbal Teas -- They are able to treat many digestive issues, not only stomach bloating.

Also some abdominal massages can help in this case, and many of those massages have been used for centuries.

With this simple massage that we have for you, you can move the stool in your colon, therefore preventing and soothing camps, pressure, tightness and bloating.


  • You should start massaging on the right side of your stomach, then go down to your pelvic bone, the massage should be gently and in circular motion. Then slowly up on your right side, close to your ribs.
  • Then massage on your left side, massage gently in circular motion, from your hip bone towards your belly button. Keep massaging for about 3 minutes, use only your fingertips.
  • Also you can press a little bit deeper inside, but be gentle.
  • Then spend another minute, massaging from your rib bones to your hip bone, and then massage one more minute across the middle of your belly.
  • Then massage for a minute from your belly button to the left bone of your pelvis.
  • Rub clockwise for 10 minutes, or so.
  • With this massage you will be able to support your digestion, but also boost your metabolism!

Source: healthyfoodexperience.com

Eliminate Dark Circles, Wrinkles and Spots In a Simple Way By Using Baking Soda

Many women all around the world are using special facial skin care products, only to slow down the aging process. Also there are various skin treating products that can decrease the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, acne and blackheads, but most of these products are ineffective and are very expensive, and they can provide some short term benefits.

There are some who go under surgeries only to look prettier and younger. But we have some natural remedies that were used for many centuries, and they were famous even in ancient times, with those remedies we promise you amazing effects!

Health Profile of the Baking Soda

The baking soda contains one of the most powerful antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it is able to provide thousands of health benefits, and among the most important ones are:

  • Slow Facial Aging -- It moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it by increasing the collagen production, therefore it is able to fight against free radicals as well.
  • Eliminates Urinary Tract Infections -- It can easily get rid of the bacteria, waste material and toxins that are accumulated in your body, which can cause a lot of harm to your overall health, therefore improving your intestinal health too.
  • Fights Against Tooth Decay, and Whitens The Teeth -- It is able to whiten the teeth and eliminate the dental bacteria.
  • Neutralizes Body Acids -- It is one of the most potential antacids!

Baking Soda Recipe


  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 glass of water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Honey

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon half, put it in the glass of water, and add the rest of the ingredients inside as well. Then stir well in order to get a homogeneous mixture. Then use this mixture to cleanse your skin, by applying it on your face and letting it sit throughout the entire night, then in the morning with cold water rinse your face gently.

Keep this up for one month, do it every night before going to sleep, the effects will surely amaze you!

Source: globalmedicinehouse.com

This Recipe is Going Crazy in The World! Heal Your Knees and Rebuilds Bones and Joints Immediately

Millions of people all across the world are affected by bone and joint pain, and these issues are not something to play with, because they are causing intense pain which prevents you from doing your everyday tasks and activities.

As the years go by, even though they are playing the most important roles of making each body movement, our knee joints are suffering a lot, and sometimes that can be the main cause for pain and other symptoms in them.

Some of these reasons below might also trigger knee pain:

  • Torn Ligament
  • Dislocation or old injury
  • Bursitis -- Inflammation caused by frequent overuse or injury
  • Gout -- Arthritis in our knees, caused by uric acid accumulation
  • Osteoarthritis -- Joint pain caused by joint deterioration
  • Rheumatoid arthritis -- A disorder that is chronic, and is leading to a lot of swelling and intense pain
  • Poor body posture
  • Tendinitis -- You can feel this type of pain only when walking up an incline, climbing or moving

Ruth Frechman is a registered dietitian, and he is also the spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and he claims that the diet we are on is playing a very important role when it comes to treating the pain in our joints. Also he said:

“Eat healthy, include many whole grains, seeds, nuts, veggies and fruits in your everyday diet.”

R. Frechman added:

“You can relieve the joints from pressure and stress, by maintaining your body weight around the normal.”

These foods that you are about to see below are very effective in relieving from joint pain and treating inflammation:

  • Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli -- They are able to slow down the cartilage damage done to our knees, from osteoarthritis, due to their richness in sulforaphane.
  • Vitamin C -- Foods that are high in vitamin C, such as cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi, they contain a lot of vitamin C antioxidants, therefore being able to decrease the risk of knee pain and slow down the OA progression.
  • Turmeric -- You can relieve from chronic inflammation caused by joint diseases, with the use of turmeric, because it is rich in curcumin.
  • Tart Cherries -- Can fight against arthritis and soothe joint pain, due to their richness in anthocyanins.
  • Garlic -- You can treat many diseases such as arthritis and decrease the cartilage-damaging effects of the enzymes, due to its richness in diallyl disulfide.
  • Fatty fish, like mackerel, trout, salmon and tuna -- You can soothe an inflammation, due to their richness in omega-3 fatty acids.

If you want to prevent from joint and knee pain, make sure you follow the couple of steps below:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Lose some extra weight
  • When lifting heavy objects, use knee braces
  • Walk at least 1 hour on daily basis, or go for a bike ride or go for a swim
  • Make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable and they have a good quality
  • Make sure you are not sitting or standing for very long periods
  • If you still feel the pain, then go for a physical therapy

We have a perfect natural remedy for you, which will help you to rebuild your joints and bones, as well as soothe your knee pain.


  • 3 tablespoons of raisins
  • 4 tablespoons of sesame seeds
  • 8 tablespoons of flax seed
  • 40 grams of pumpkin seeds
  • 200 grams of honey
  •  tablespoons of unflavored gelatin


Put all of the ingredients together in your blender, and blend until the mixture is homogeneous. Then store it in a container and let it stay in the refrigerator.

You should only take 2 times on daily basis of this remedy (1 teaspoon), before your breakfast and lunch meals. With this remedy you will manage to strengthen your tendons and ligaments, as well as relieve from the discomfort and pain.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

How To Kill Sinus Infection Within Minutes With Apple Cider Vinegar!

When our membrane and tissue are affected by an inflammation, therefore leading to unpleasant symptoms such as fevers, pain, severe headaches and thick mucus, that is the condition called sinusitis. The sinusitis can be chronic and acute, most commonly it is triggered by fungi, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and allergens.

Here are the most common symptoms of the sinusitis:

  • Bad breath
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Sensitive teeth/Toothache
  • Dizziness
  • Earache
  • Fever
  • Swellings in the facial area
  • Pain, pressure and postnasal drip in the area around the eyes
  • Stuffy/runny nose

But why go for medications and prescribed drugs, when you can at least try some natural remedies which are effective just as much, which can help you get rid of this bacteria and viruses that are trapped in the air space right between your cheeks, eyes and forehead.

Most commonly people are going to the doctor and they get prescribed some antibiotics to treat this condition, but these antibiotics are very likely to cause unpleasant side-effects, which is why we want you to give this natural method a try before you turn to medications.

The apple cider vinegar is famous for its abilities, and it is well known that it is oen of the strongest natural remedies that can be used against sinusitis. It can easily break up the mucus and cleanse the airways, also destroying the bacteria and boosting your immune system.

The cayenne pepper is very rich in capsaicin, which is a natural and powerful painkiller which can clear nasal congestion. Imagine what you will create by mixing these two ingredients together. Of course you will get the natural remedy to treat sinusitis!

With this natural remedy you can alleviate your facial pain, improve your blood circulation, treat inflammation and soothe the sinusitis symptoms as well.

How to Prepare It?


  • A teaspoon of raw, organic honey
  • A glass of lukewarm water
  • Juice from one lemon
  • A sprinkle of cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar


Put the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper inside the water and mix it well. Then add the honey inside to sweeten the mixture.

You should consume this powerful remedy twice on daily basis if you want to relieve from the symptoms of the sinusitis. You can also use the mixture for gargling, and in only a couple of days you will be free from the sinusitis infection!

Here are some other natural ways that can help you treat the sinusitis condition:

  • You can loosen up the mucus and moisten the sinuses with hot water vapor.
  • To keep the air moist and clean, use a humidifier.
  • Stay hydrated all the time, that way your sinuses will stay moist as well.
  • Protect yourself from nasal allergies because they will only make the infection worse, put air filters in your home, and get rid of dust mites.
  • To relieve from the swelling in the nasal passages you can start taking bromelain supplements.
  • Use warm compresses.
  • In order to open your nasal passages, consume more spicy foods.
  • Use sprays and saline washes to flush your nasal passages.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

What Happens When You Mix Beets, Carrots And Apples: A Glass of Juice That Destroys Many Diseases!

The best way to intake every nutrient present in the fruits and veggies, is the juicing. The juice from the fresh product is extracted, and 99% of the plant chemicals, minerals and vitamins are present in that juice.

According to some researches, the fresh juices are even better and more beneficial than the raw vegetables and fruits, and since they are a rich source of fiber, they are supportive for our digestive system and support its healthy function.

The juicing is a simple and most importantly natural way to support the weight losing process a lot more, detox your body, boost your immune system and decrease the risk of cancer.

It is the best way and most fun to get the maximum from the veggies and fruits, through the juicing. We have a very healthy combo for you in this article, and you can improve your overall health due to its powerful medicinal properties.

This is a natural remedy that has the nutrients from beetroots, carrots and apples mixed all together.

The beetroots are a rich source of iron, fiber, manganese, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C.

The carrots are very rich in carotene antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, selenium, vitamin K, E, C, B and A, and they are able to decrease the risk of cancer.

The apples are high in glucose, fructose, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin C, they don’t contain any cholesterol or fat. With these fruits you will be able to energize your body, boost your eye health and lose some extra weight.

So, here are the main benefits of this powerful drink:

Improves Vision

You can treat tired, dry and red eyes, and boost your vision as well.

Improved Skin Health

This contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it is able to treat a lot of skin disease, repair any damage that is done to it, prevent from viruses and bacteria, and soothe allergies as well. Also this mixture prevents from wrinkles, boost the elasticity of the skin and most importantly, it is slowing down the aging process.

Improved Heart Health

The carrot juice contains a lot of beta-carotene, alpha, lutein and many other phytonutrients, therefore boosting your heart health. The beetroots have the ability to improve the elasticity of your blood vessels, while the apples are decreasing the levels of the LDL (bad) cholesterol in your blood.

Improved Women’s Health

It can eliminate painful cramps, relieve from menstrual pain and many other symptoms that follow during the PMS. It can treat fatigue during the menstrual cycle, due to its richness in iron.

How to prepare this natural remedy:

Get all of the ingredients and put them in a blender, then strain the mixture and put it in a jar in your fridge. You should consume only one glass of the juice, on daily basis each morning on an empty stomach. Make sure it is at least an hour before your breakfast meal. Then consume the juice one more time in the afternoon. Do this ritual every day for 3 months, and the health improvements will surely amaze you.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

How To Remove Varicose Veins Using The Magic Of Olive Oil

The enlarged veins that appear near the surface of our skin, which usually are around our thighs and calves are called varicose veins. This mostly occurs because of poor functioning of the valves which are the ones that regulate our blood flow or from weakened walls.

This is a condition that can appear in both men and women, but the most prone to this issue are the elderly women, because from the inflammation levels are increasing through the years, the vein’s elasticity disappears.

Mostly this issue is followed by burning, fatigue, restlessness and feeling heaviness in the legs and a lot of pain. Also in the affected area you will feel tingling sensations.

Most commonly varicose veins are developed hormonal imbalances due to menopause, pregnancy, birth control pills, heredity, puberty, and of course from obesity and longer periods of standing.

But there is no need to panic, because there are some natural ways that may help in this case, and they are very effective. They will relieve from the pain and the discomfort that follow.

One of the best natural remedies to use in order to treat the varicose veins is the olove oil, it prevents from further complications, treats all the symptoms that follow and reduces their visibility.

You simply need to topically apply the oil on the areas where the varicose veins have appeared. Then with gentle and circular motion massage those areas, and massage them from your feet upwards. Then let the oil overnight, it is best to act that way. You may preform this technique every day.

With this simple massage with olive oil you will be able to stimulate your blood circulation and relieve from the pain and inflammation as well.

The olive oil is a rich source of omega-3 fat acids and a lot of healthy fats, our body will be able to absorb these nutrients and they will detoxify it. These compounds will restore the function of our unidirectional valves, improve the blood flow in our veins. The effects will be visible after a short period.

Also you may try using some of the following beneficial alternatives that we made a list of:

  • Sweet clover
  • Butcher’s broom
  • Horse chestnut
  • Grape (fruit, sap, leaves and seed)

These tips are also highly beneficial:

  • Avoid standing or sitting longer periods
  • Exercise regularly
  • To improve your blood circulation, elevate the veins and relax them every evening
  • Maintain your body weight, lose some fat, because that way you will decrease the pressure on the veins
  • Avoid high heels and tight clothes, wear something more comfortable
  • Don’t sit with your legs crossed

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

8 Foods Can Lower Uric Acid


 The result of decomposition of the purines that is mostly found in beans, sodas, beer and seafood is production of uric acid inside our body.

Our body is able to get rid of the uric acid, but if the uric acid is present in larger amounts it may cause the development of many health diseases and conditions, such as pain in our toes and fingers, and kidney stones.

Actually the increased levels of uric acid in our body may lead to a state of the body that is called hyperuricemia, which is causing the following conditions, metabolic acidosis, skin issues, gout, kidney diseases, leukemia, diabetes, poisoning, toxemia during pregnancy and renal failure.

But there is no need to panic at all, because we have prepared a list of foods and drinks that have the ability to eliminate uric acid from your body or at least decrease its levels:

Broccoli, Cucumbers and Tomatoes: These veggies are able to decrease the production and prevent from the creation of excess uric acid in our blood and uric acid crystals around our joints.

Bananas: The bananas are the perfect fruit to lower the levels of uric acid in the body.

Carrots: You can prevent from this issue by the regular consumption of carrots, as well as enhance your overall health.

Cherries: The cherries are able to reduce the uric acid levels due to the ingredient that they contain, known as anthocyanin. They also prevent from the formation of crystals around our joints.

Water: With the consumption of water you will be able not to only decrease the levels of uric acid, but also eliminate waste material and toxins from your body.

Celery: You can prevent from further complications from the uric acid, as well as decrease its levels.

Apples: You can detox your body with the regular consumption of apples, as well as eliminate excess uric acid from your body.

Onions: If you want to eliminate uric acid from your body and prevent from further complications, simply peel two lemons, boil them and then mix that water with lemon juice. Consume this mixture once a day.

Artichokes: The artichokes are loaded with a lot of proteins, fiber and vitamins, and they have one of the strongest diuretic properties, therefore they are able to decrease the production of uric acid and prevent from its accumulation.

Green Tea: Consuming green tea on regular basis will reduce the risk of gout development as well as control hyperuricemia.

Lime: You can prevent from excess uric acid in your body by consuming lime, because it is rich in citric acid.

Berries: Berries are one of the most potent anti-inflammatory foods, and are also able to prevent from excess uric acid levels.

Squash: It is a rich source of many nutrients and it is able to eliminate uric acid from our body, very easily.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

Ginger Tea: Dissolves Kidneys Stones, Cleanses Liver And Reduce Joint Pain – Recipe

For many centuries the strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger have been highly valued, and this healthy and versatile natural food is filled with a lot of nutrients which are supportive of your overall health in different ways.

The ginger is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, magnesium and some other minerals, it is also able to support our digestive system, strengthen our immunity, cleanse our liver, alleviates pain, soothes infections, treats asthma and cardiovascular diseases, etc.

The healthiest drink you can consume which is filled with a lot of nutrients is the ginger tea. With a single cup of this beverage you will be able to:

Strengthen the Immune System -- It can easily strengthen our immune system due to its richness in antioxidants.

Relieve from Menstrual Discomfort -- It relieves from the menstrual cramps that are causing a lot of pain, and it is relaxing the muscles.

Improve Blood Circulation -- Since it is able to prevent from clogged arteries, it is improving our blood flow, therefore decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Fight Against Inflammation -- You can soothe joint and muscle pain with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Improve Stomach Performance -- You will be able to prevent from bloating, improve the absorption of food and support your digestion.

Relieve From Nausea -- You can prevent from vomiting due to motion sickness, and from nausea as well.

Relieve Stress -- It can easily lower stress and tension, due to its powerful healing and calming qualities.

Fight Respiratory Problems -- You can soothe the symptoms from environmental allergies and relieve from congestion.

Consuming the ginger tea on regular basis will help you to prevent from flu and colds, and can provide these benefits:

  • Eliminate and prevent from cancer cells
  • Dissolves kidney stones
  • Supplies the body with the needed amount of minerals, vitamins and oxygen
  • Relieve from Headaches
  • Cleanses the liver
  • Decreases the risk of strokes

How to Prepare Ginger Tea


  • 1 cup of water
  • Coconut milk
  • Organic honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger


First put the water on heat, and when it starts to boil you can add the ginger and the turmeric, and let them simmer for about 10 minuets. Then you can add the coconut milk, strain the mixture and add the honey to sweeten it. You can even add peppermint or lemon to it if you want to boost its flavor.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

12 All Natural Toothache Remedies Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Centuries ago when there was no toothpaste, people still needed to maintain their dental health, so they were using thousands of natural remedies and techniques to prevent from toothaches and improve their dental health.

Besides that they believed that this type of pain was caused from cavities, today we know that the toothaches may be triggered from many different factors, for example fractured teeth, gum diseases, tooth eruption, abscesses, tooth decay, damaged fillings, tooth eruption, abnormal bite and bruxism (teeth grinds).

Most commonly a toothache is followed by swelling in the painful area and fever or headache as well.

Before you try anything, and before you go to the dentist, take a look at theese natural ways that may soothe a toothache, and give them a try if you want to:

Cayenne-Ginger Paste

Mix turmeric with a little bit of cayenne pepper, and with the paste that you will create, you should brush your teeth with it instead with the commercial one.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils, such as peppermint, tea tree, myrrh, spearmint, clove and cinnamon oil are able to relieve from the pain caused from a toothache, as well as eliminate the bacteria that is present.

Salt Water Gargle

In a glass of water you can add a teaspoon of salt and mix it. Then you should gargle with it, that will reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area as well as prevent from inflammation


Put a fresh slice of cucumber on the affected tooth and you will quickly experience a relief.


Since the garlic has one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory, analagesic and antibacterial properties, it can easily relieve from a toothache. You only need a single garlic clove, just crush it and add some salt on it, then chew it with your painful tooth and you will relieve from the pain.


The onions are very high in antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, so they are also able to eliminate the bacteria and soothe the pain. You need a single slice of onion, and you just need to place it on your painful tooth.

Peppermint Tea

This tea has one of the most powerful antibacterial properties, so drinking a cup from it and swishing it can soothe the toothache.


It contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory porperties which are quite powerful, and it can eliminate the bacteria that is present. Simply adding a teaspoon of it in a gass of water and using it to rinse your mouth it will soothe the toothache.


It contains also one of the most powerful antibacterial properties, therefore it is able to easily soothe the pain, detox your gums and prevent from further infections and bacteria.


If you want to decrease the inflammation and swelling in the affected tooth, you need to add ice to the area.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want a quick pain relief from a toothache, then you need to swish a 3% hydrogen peroxide, it will also fight agains infections. You need to swish it for 30 seconds at least. Then rinse your mouth with warm water.

Turmeric Paste

You can use the mixture of coconut and peppermint oil with a little bit of turmeric as your natural toothpaste, you should brush your teeth with it to reduce the intensity of the pain.

Guava Leaves

These leaves have powerful analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and they are very high in flavonoids. So chewing a fresh leaf until it has released its juice will relieve from the toothache. Or get a few dry leaves make tea out of them and swish the tea.

Chewing Gum

Before you go to the doctor, if you want a permanent pain relief from the toothache, chewing a gum on the painful tooth might help.

Vanilla Extract

Dab a vanilla extract on your affected tooth if you want to prevent from infections and soothe the pain.


You can pressure the point between your index finger and your thumb in order to relieve from a toothache.

Clove Oil

This oil is very rich in a compound that provides powerful analgesic properties, that compound is the eugenol. In coconut oil apply a couple of drops of this oil, dab a cotton ball inside it and then put it on your painful tooth, after a while use water to rinse your mouth.

Source: naturalcuresworld.com

How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Help Relieve Anxiety And Headaches

The best way to utilize the lavender’s medicinal properties is to flavor your cold lemonade with a bit of lavender. The lavender is a herb with a beautiful aroma that can calm our senses.

One of the best essential oils that can improve our wellness and overall health is the pure lavender oil. It is a very gentle essential oil, and it is also very powerful, which makes it perfect to have it in your home, due to its strong healing properties and many uses. The lavender oil has over 150 active constituents which means it has a pretty complex chemical structure.

This also tells us that with its use we can prevent from many diseases and health ailments. The lavender oil contains strong antispasmodic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a strong detoxifier, also has powerful analgesic, sedative and hypotensive properties.

According to a research in Florida, the lavender oil is also able to lower the pulse rates, and reduce anxiety as well. The research was done on nursing students who were taking stressful tests. Also the lavender aromatherapy in hospitals is done in order to lower the distress before a surgery, which is making the patients more relaxed and peaceful.

The lavender oil contains one of the most powerful medicinal properties as well, it has the ability to ease labor pains, prevent insomnia and reduce depression too. According to the anecdotal evidence, the lavender oil is also able to easily relieve from pain, sinus congestion, hangovers and headaches.

There are some much prior researches on lavender, and they are focused on the administration of the lavender, through the olfactory route. The lavender olfaction’s anxiolytic activity was demonstrated in a few smaller clinical trials. It is believed that the efficiency of the lavender aromatherapy is because of the combination of the physiological and psychological effects of the volatile oils in the so called limbic system.

Traditionally people have been using this oil a long time ago, due to its calming ability, also reduce anxiety and prevent from other health ailments. This oil is able to improve the mood scores.

DIY Lemonade & Lavender Essential Oil


  • 6 juiced lemons, peeled
  • A drop of lavender essential oil
  • 12 cups of purified water
  • A cup of raw, organic honey
  • Lavender springs for garnish


Combine all of the ingredients in a larger container or a glass bottle and store it in the fridge. After a while take it out and it is ready for consumption, you can add more honey or water if you want.

Source: thinkorganiclife.com